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My first port of call for these matters was always the NHS direct phone line. Sadly, due to staffing cuts you have to wait longer to get through, but it still gives the best advice in my opinion.

I don't understand why these campaigns don't just recommend the existing NHS direct. Oh wait, I do. They cut its funding...
Broke a finger last year, very illuminating:

GP refused to see me, not even a nurse. Too busy apparently.

NHS walk-in centre told me not to bother, the queue was over an hour and they said that all they would do would send me to x-ray at the A+E anyway, so just go straight there.

x-rayed, case discussed and discharged from Colchester General Hospital within an hour. The A+E there is really well run, never had to wait more than 30 minutes to be seen, and we're not talking life-threatening stuff here.
Our local A&E, which thankfully I've never had to use, has been recently refurbished and by all accounts is providing an excellent service which makes it all the more infuriating that it is due to be closed down.

There's going to be a massive demonstration today so if anyone would like to join us details here
Unfortunately the same assumption that everyone must already know where they want to go and when, specifically, applies to some local authority public transport websites - they provide a journey planner but no maps, so if you're new to the area or planning to move or visit there you don't know what the possibilities are. I call it dumbing down.
Your East London seems to be far better served with walk-in centres than the North and West...
I think most walk-in clinics have closed. Some while ago, I phone St George's in Tooting to confirm when the walk-in clinic was open until that evening and was told "The walk-in has been closed for ages, just go to A&E"!. As it wasn't that serious I ended up just waiting until I could get to see my GP the next day.

I also get annoyed with websites like th eone you mention, where you often go round in circles trying to find out what you want and then end up with very little information. Obviously designed by people who will never acyually use them!
I've got an NHS booklet I picked up at Chadwell Heath Health Centre, which contains a list of local (Havering) GPs, pharmacies, walk-in centres and A&E departments - as well, of course, as plenty of advice on when to go to each of those. By the way, it makes me wonder to see how times have changed - there was a time when you were advised not to self-medicate, while now you are actively encouraged to do so.
I woke up with stomach pains one day but was told all 6 of my GPs were on holiday and I could get an appointment in 10 days time! Fortunately I work in Croydon (don't know how many people have said that) and they have a really good drop in centre there. They sent me to Kingston hospital A&E for an emergency appendectomy. It's not the first time my local gp has been useless and I'm not surprised some people just skip the whole process.
and the cost of that website was ? [guess - quite a lot]
The NHS and the web in east London seems poorly managed. A google search for my GP brings up a web page with information, so far so good. But the address is wrong (they moved premises last year), there is no email contact, and the 'alternate phone' connects to they BT marketing team. Sigh...
My local walk-in centre is in the same place as the A&E, so I suspect I may live in an area of East London where this campaign doesn't really work.
I've been twice: once out of hours, when NHS Direct made an appointment for me with a GP from some outsourced healthcare provider; and once during the day, when I just hobbled in, asked at reception for the walk-in centre, and was directed to wait in the A&E waiting room for a quick consultation with one of their doctors.

Quite a nice system, but for me it means 'usually A&E, if it's obviously something the pharmacy can't help with'
You are so right about this one. Thanks for the road test and the verdict. And for drawing it to our attention. We've done a blog with a credit. The Yellow Men are really over the top.

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