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The Historian - Admiralty. After queuing for 90 minutes to get into the Admiralty, I was in a bit of a grump. But all was forgiven when we heard the wonderful commentary that was provided in the boardroom. I'm not sure whether she was an employee or a volunteer, but the lady who explained the history and symbolism of the room just lifted the tour - a real pleasure.
No tea and jaffa cakes though....
I used the swimming pool at 5 Pancras Square for the first time last night. Small but nice, with state of the art changing facilities.

The staff were charming too, which is unusual for a swimming pool in my experience.
over the years (I've done Open House every weekend since it started, at least one and often both days) I've found a few venues offering free refreshments afterwards. I'm not suggesting that's the main reason for going, but Peter Jones in Sloane Sq and a dance centre near Euston did this, and some others.
Been to Regents' Place during the working week and and the weekend (for personal not work reasons) and the overwhelming impression that remains is that it's a massive wind tunnel. The plaza - which I must admit is nicely designed for lunchtime workers to sit and eat - is actually too windy to sit in and enjoy said lunch. And of course the place is dead on a weekend, with none of the numerous food outlets open. I know More London quite well and the architecture is reminiscent of that development.

The building I visit is an arts centre, and although shiny and new is just the most oppressive place to spend a day, as none of the low-ceiling-ed rooms have any windows - which just seems a crime when all the external walls are glass. By sheer bad luck I have to spend my birthday there in a couple of Sundays, again for a day course and the only thing that may make the experience bearable, is going for a celebratory lunch with my fellow students on nearby Drummond Street.
I presume IslandDweller means the Ripley Building. When I worked there in the last decade, I took my friends round on a weekend tour. Whilst I tried to do my best at being a guide despite my history of the building being somewhat cursory, it turned out my friends were more interested in checking out the office where shenanigans between a certain DPM and his secretary took place.

Thanks to colleagues in private office, I was actually able to point out an exact desk in the Ripley building (shudder). Enough said.
I've yet to write up my visits, but I also went to Triton Street and had the same guide. Whilst the exterior of the development wasn't anything special it was how Lend Lease had designed the interiors that I thought was impressive, especially in contrast to my own working environment.

@IslandDweller My tour of the Admiralty was by a security guard which was a disappointment after a 90min wait. We were told that the curator "may be on her lunchbreak but the security guard has listened to the commentary several times and so knows it now", which we weren't told until we got in and isn't really the same. Sadly the security guard wasn't always very easy to understand either.
I enjoyed the 20 Triton Street tour too. I do like seeing the way work environments are improving, for some. The move onwards from green roofs to having mini employee allotments on the roof would be good.
Knackering but well worth climbs up the Pimlico District Heating Undertaking accumulator tower, and the Methodist Central Hall dome.
I didn't pre-book anything this year & managed to see more than usual despite TfL's worse than usual service.
Mention of Drummond Street - it's slated to go with the next phase of Euston redevelopment. There is a Facebook campaign, but so far it's quite small. Very sad indeed.
I work in 4 Triton Square - one of the less exciting offices in Regent's Place and had no idea about the other offices, or the roof garden! Also the comment above about the place being a massive wind tunnel is spot on!

After finally learning that it was called "Ruth Walking In Jeans", I discovered the following guide produced by the council about the other artwork dotted around the place. The description is a bit arty, however. I'm not sure all of it is visible to the public and at least one piece is no longer there, but it might be of some interest:
Great blog. Well done. Very impressive.

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