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Ooh, that's marvellous! Had I been in London I would most certainly have done the walk. Many thanks for the report!
Comment from Richard F, left on The Complete Walk website:

"Started the walk from Potters Field at 1pm, only to find that only one of the first six screens was working. Eight more screens were down on my way along the rest of the route, although one did come on whilst I was watching another screen. Luckily I only live an hour from Central London. I myself feel bitterly disappointed and also feel very sorry for everybody that travelled a lot further than I did. What I saw was very good but I just couldn't see enough. A lot of time and effort was obviously spent, with very noble intentions, on what has turned out to be an overly adventurous project which did not fully deliver and fell woefully short."
Comment from Paul Fox, left on The Complete Walk website:

"I tried to enjoy the walk on the Saturday morning, travelling into London specially, but unfortunately around two thirds of the screens were not working. I started at the Tower Bridge end at around 10.15, finally arriving at the Westminster Bridge end about 1.30. The problems had not been put right by then. Apart from those missing, including many of my favorite plays, some were barely watchable due to being located under a railway bridge with frequent trains drowning out the soundtrack.

Those films I saw were wonderful and I hope that the rest are made available via the Internet. Until then, I wish anyone else who travels into London for the walk more luck than I had."
Comment from El, left on The Complete Walk website:

"Really enjoyed today. Some screens were not working, but with so much content we still had a full day. A interesting project with some great actors involved. I hope you make all the films available online in the future as I would like to catch the ones I missed."
From the Blue Room website (entertainment industry professionals), Sandall said:

"By 12.30 today only 6 of the 20 screens between the London Eye & the Globe were showing anything (we gave up at this point). Two of them were under a railway bridge, so the sound was drowned out every minute or two.

I gathered from crew at one cluster that the site landlord had refused night working on yesterday's rig day, which had put them way behind, but for an event which must have cost a small fortune to prepare & mount, there seems to have been a woeful lack of resources thrown at it."
What a shame. And I'm disappointed it's only available this weekend - because today is pretty much a good day to be avoiding central London, because of the marathon. Hopefully they'll be available online.
The quality of the segments on the RSCLive broadcast last night on BBC2 was similarly hit and miss (for me, YMMV) - there was an awful lot of Shakespeare-inspired bits (think ballet, jazz, opera) - but the actual acting bits were frequently brilliant. And in a different way so was the "Nine Hamlets" sketch... That one will be all over YouTube, I'm sure. It's worth 5 minutes of your time.
borrowing comments from another website seems to be a new departure for you, DG?
Nine Hamlets - brilliant!
To my shame I didn't recognise all of them. However, the ninth one (who I is not a professional actor but was a member of the audience - even getting in without paying) seemed to have really got into the character of the Prince: maybe being three-sixteenths Danish helped?
I must have been lucky, as the only screens that weren't working where by City Hall. I guess, we were lucky with our timing.
On Saturday I saw about half of the ones that were working, and then on Sunday I returned to see the ones I missed. On the Sunday, every single screen was working, although the ones under the Hungerford Bridge were not only regularly drowned out by a train overhead, but also set far too quietly to be properly heard even where there wasn't a train.

Shame about the lack of preparedness (whether on the part of the Globe, or perhaps totally out of their control as the relevant authorities maybe upped the security requirements at the last minute - which is the only plausible explanation I can think of), as the films were all interesting, and frequently excellent.

I particularly enjoyed the enormous variety of approaches in what to do with the 10 minute short film for each play.

I'd be very curious to find out exactly what went wrong on Saturday, as this must have cost a fortune (even if many of the stellar on-location cast probably weren't charging their normal rates).

Even with a little backtracking to pick up the ones on Sunday that weren't running on Saturday, I'd guess I spent about 10 hours watching these over the weekend, and it was fantastic.
Why is Henry VIII so unknown as that king is so well known?
I gave up on Saturday around 2:30 with so many screens at the eastern end not working (or even erected in many cases, e.g. Tate Modern). I went back early evening Saturday and did the western end (even then Comedy of Errors not working). I followed up Sunday afternoon to fill in the gaps. However I am lucky enough to live close enough to be able to do that - the cock up was pretty huge. I heard one elderly lady saying she had spent most of Saturday morning apologising to tourists on the country's behalf...

Still they only had 400 years notice!

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