please empty your brain below

Last time I went to the pub in Sewardstone, before it stopped being a pub, it was bright pink and the walls were papered with newspaper articles about Terry Venables. Turned out we had stumbled into a gay bar.
I think many years ago Terry Venables had a share of that pub.
evidently the pub used to be owned by the father of Terry Venables, not Terry himself
Football-themed gay bar? Who approved that business case???
Maybe they would still be in business if they had only sold the right beer!
That forlorn old pub at Enfield Lock. In 1965 I used to go to a weight training club in one of the rooms there. The pub was thriving in those days with the added advantage of the 107 bus waiting outside ready for it's marathon journey to Queensbury in NW London.
There are gay nights in Vauxhall where wearing football kit is a requirement of entry. Trust me football themed gay bars have a market. ;)

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