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8am post? No BST for DG?
I had to look twice to confirm that it was not 01 April.
Journo using a new metal bottle in an unnecessary cardboard box is hardly in the spirit of reducing needless stuff to protect the planet. It will probably gather dust in a cupboard when he gets as well.
Not "Mayorsadiqkhanswater" surely?

About time. There used to be far more drinking fountains around in London (and the UK generally) than there are now.
There’s also a TfL branded water dispenser that also sells TfL branded refillable water bottles for £2 if you don’t happen to have your own one with you - located in the upper bus station at Hammersmith.
I think the idea (as noted in the presser) of a refundable deposit on plastic bottles is going to help more than this but it's better than nothing.
Written very much tongue in cheek, I am sure. I buy a bottle of water, use it for about three months, filling it up from taps at home or wherever, until my partner says, your water bottle looks disgusting. Buy a new one.

Btw, I really enjoyed your posts from St Ives and that far western part of your country.
I refilled my water bottle at a dispenser on Embankment Pier the other day. Don't tell too many people...
The average Londoner buys more than three bottles of water a week? Blimey? That's mad. I tend to have a metal refillable bottle with me wherever I go. More water fountains everywhere would be great.
Are there any plans to site one a short distance away in Broadwick Street?
This harks back to the horse troughs that used to be around when I was a child. Not a new idea but a good idea.
Of course they could have just asked food outlets to put a sticker in their window saying they will fill up your water bottle for free, from a tap - but no doubt there are health and safety and insurance issues, so a publicity stunt at a high profile location will have to do.

dg writes: They've also done exactly that.
More likely health and safety and insurance excuses, for businesses who can't be bothered.
Indeed, Peter W : bring back the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association! How many of their facilities still exist?
Betterbee - there's an entire website devoted to them. Many do still exist, although used for flowers.
Thanks, Andrew: the Coombe Lane trough and Park Hill fountain bring back childhood memories!
That "iconic" took a long time to find, but I am impressed by the concept of "neutral flavours". Wonderful stuff.
Why can't they be installed at Underground stations?

dg writes: Network Rail are doing just that.
Loved DG's brilliant spoof about 'Dr Heather Koldewey' of the grammar-mangling 'One Less' campaign breathlessly telling us how close London-on-Sea is to the freshwater North Ocean !

Oh, wait...
surprisedbthat Bus Stop M isn’t on the list for one.
Is findafountain still working?
How many times can one use a plastic water bottle, I wonder? I'm still using my free bottle from a late summer Thameslink blockade at London Bridge. Christ knows when that was, but it must be about 4 years ago (Saturday 23 to Sunday 31 August, it says). I keep it because it's 330mL, and I don't feel like lugging the full half-litre around with me.
Such a relief that it isn't actually sourced from the Mayor himself.
I wonder why the Roman model of a huge network of constantly running public drinking fountains which look like they've been there for ever is not adopted by other cities, including London. These cast iron fountains are built to last and bring a refreshing humanity to city streets.
Are people so busy that they cannot take 10 minutes for a sit down refreshment in a cup or glass, so they don't have to constantly carry a bottle of water?

Heaven forbid they just drink something with meals and manage to stave off their impending dehydration until they get back to the office/hotel/home! We don't exactly have the climate to need constant re-hydration!

Among other things in my one-woman bid to save the planet I now ask for no plastic straw/lid when getting a fast food drink for dining in, and carry a plastic Subway sandwich bag at all times for the half I save to take home for later, so I don't need to be given a new one each time. It's not hard!!
Not just the MDFCTA, but also Victorian benefactors and memorials such as Burdett Coutts, Buxton, Readymoney, Vizianagaram...

Less need to provide water for cattle or horses in London these days.
This could seriously damage the shops at airports if it is adopted there. It will put an end to outlets selling people bottles of water at inflated prices on the air side shortly after we have had our previous bottle confiscated by security
Let them drink Coke....
It’s a start
Of course it is not always working, but there is supposed to be a drinking fountain directly after security in airports. The rules do not forbid you to take a bottle through, provided that it is empty.
Zac would have provided free Adam's Ale...
The mayor is headed in the right direction. When I carry water I use a refillable plastic bottle that I keep half full in the freezer. When I leave the house, I fill it up the rest of the way with tap water so that I have cold water for hours.
We are past the age for traveling so I am really enjoying your blog posts. Almost makes me feel as if I am there. Thank you.
Sarah in suddenly sunny California
Would this be the same water that Oxford drank the day before?

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