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Surely Borough to London Bridge has to figure - it's about 5 mins brisk walk.

And having had the gross misfortune to have had to use the tube for two days this last week, I'd reckon 100\\% of door-to-central-London-door journeys can be quicker by bike. (Granted you might have to put a 15 mile radius ring around the centre)

I do Waterloo to Lambeth North and vice versa once a week. On the outward journey I walk because its quicker but coming back late at night in winter I take the tube back because its warmer. So the fact that its quicker to walk isn't everything.

I'm with Ham on the bike thing, but as a rule of thumb if wherever I am headed is along the Victoria Line then it's a close run thing either way. Seven Sisters to Hammersmith *is* quicker by bicycle, but for me that requires pedalling like a man posessed down the Talgarth Road, which could come with a DTTAH tag attatched.

Liverpool Street-Bank is a walker if I'm coming in via the overland and want to get to the Waterloo & City line. Similar for Liverpool Street to London Bridge and vice versa, but the time difference is probably negligble there - I tend to jump on a bus if one's passing.

Canons Park to Edgware? Picking examples where a 10 minute walk rivals a 50 minute tube journey via central London is probably too easy, but there must be a few of those.

If you're a laydee it depends on what shoes you're wearing and how long you've been standing in them already.

not to mention also other examples such as victoria to bow in afternoon rush hour on a sweaty summers day where a 40 minute cycle risking a crushing death from bendy buses is preferrable to 30 minute underground torture session -

sometimes its not totally about cost v time v distance but about the quality too

I think you should test them all out. Nothing like real research to test paper hypotheses. That should keep you busy until - well, tomorrow lunchtime probably

Actually - maybe you could ask for volunteers to help you. Now That would be a true interactive blog event... just like The Old Days.

It doesn't take that much longer to walk from Lambeth North to Elephant & Castle than it does to take the tube. Just find your way to the Imperial War Museum (it's well signposted) and just walk down St. George's Road to E&C. The journey's probably a minute or two quicker by tube (therefore it doesn't qualify for your list), but perhaps not worth paying a £4 cash fare for if you're not a Travelcard or Oyster card holder.

The fact that it's quicker to walk between some tube stations, particularly in Central London, is highlighted by Bill Bryson in his book Notes from a Small Island (I've linked to it on Amazon, as it's a great read). He suggests taking a friend who's unfamiliar with London to Bank, and asking him to meet you at Mansion House. The friend will take the Central Line to Liverpool Street, and then go five stops on the Circle Line to Mansion House. Meanwhile, you can have a cup of tea and then walk briskly between the two stations in about 30 seconds, rather than the 30 or so minutes it would take your friend on the tube.

Marylebone to Edgware Road (H&C/ District/ Circle) is a definite one that I use regularly.

Many commuters also walk from Paddington to Lancaster Gate to get on the Central Line.

White City to Wood Lane. Can't wait to set a tourist off on that one.

I sometimes do the Queensway/Bayswater shuffle rather than muck about in Notting Hill Gate, mind.

Holborn to and from Temple would be another pair I'm pretty sure.

But how many people make these point-to-point one stop journeys? not many. most likely you're already on a train, and you're not going to get out and walk the last but, are you? No! So the list (sorry DG) is largely irrelvant. only if you were doing something like tube challenging is it helpful..

A bit expensive to try them all yourself, maybe BW's second suggestion is better.

I've almost stopped using the Tube, unless it's by far the simplest option. I'm not always too good with a lot of stairs and, even with escalators, there are still more stairs than I can comfortably manage, especially if I've got luggage.

Surely though the point is to use the information to help make a longer journey easier.

Using one specific examples:

If you have arrived into Paddington Mainline and want to get to St Paul's, you might prefer a short walk to a Central Line station rather than taking the Bakerloo Line, a nightmare interchange at Oxford Circus and then a rammed Central Line

"a 40 minute cycle risking a crushing death from bendy buses"

WRONG-but don't worry you're in 'esteemed' company-even the Mayor doesn't have a clue.

"He said: "We should on day one, act one, scene one, hold a competition to get rid of the bendy bus. They wipe out cyclists, there are many cyclists killed every year by them."

He (Boris) claims that they are much more dangerous than double-deckers, and produced some figures to back up the claim, which apparently show that the bendy buses are twice as dangerous (collisions per mile travelled) than double-deckers. However, despite being challenged to do so, he was unable to produce a single incident of a cyclist killed by a bendy, whereas it was reported that a double was involved in a fatal collision with a cyclist on Park Lane in February of this year.

May i go so far as to suggest that HGV's are far more of a problem to cyclists than any other motor vehicle in London.

I confess that sometimes I take the tube even though I know it will take longer and/or be more hassle (Russell Square to Holborn is one I'm particularly guilty of) because it has the one inestimable advantage of I can't get lost, which I probably would walking.

Angel to Chancery Lane is 16 mins by tube, and 26 mins on foot - a frequent journey of mine - and I walk fast - backs me up.
To be honest though, I do see a lot of people get on one tube stop and get off at the next - so they are making the tubes busier as a result. TfL should promote walking by saying it is quicker to walk on some journeys.. although I guess they want to make profit out of the short journeys lazy people take by tube and bus!

Baker street to Marylebone - that is a journey I see people on the tube taking a lot, it takes literally 2 mins to walk... you can almost see Marylebone from Baker street!

Oh the power of editing! LOL @ last comment.

When I worked in London Underground's PR department in the early '90s, a guy named Myron Edwards approached us with the idea we might sponsor a publication by him called 'Tubewalking' which promoted just this concept. 'It will ease congestion as the network becomes overcrowded, and make people healthier' said Edwards, and I sympathised. "Why would we want to encourage people off our network" said my elders and betters. So it didn't happen, though Edwards went ahead anyway. Nothing new under the sun. [link]
"I've counted each journey in both directions."

I don't think you have, eg there are five journeys /to/ Charing Cross but none /from/.

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