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I'm surprised you didn't mention another significant difference: North Greenwich is now "North Greenwich for the O2". I know you have mentioned this "creeping" in other places before, but the official tubemap this is the first time I think.

"Sudbury Hill - Sudbury Hill Harrow (no weekend service) 150m". What does the 150m refer to? The tube will only take you 150m? It's a 150m walk to somewhere? I am probably being a bit dense, but I don't get it...

The railway station at Sudbury Hill Harrow is 150m up the road from Sudbury Hill tube station. That's what it means.

"North Greenwich for the O2" has been on the paper tube map since July this year.

The jpg on the TfL tube map page is still the gloriously unsponsored November 2006 version.

In what world is Clapham Junction wheelchair accessible?

Chz, you took the very words right out of my mouth! Ever since I became a father and pushchair pusher we have always avoided changing trains at Clapham Junction on family days out on account of the stairs. All I can guess is that the West London line (for it is that bit of the Overground that terminates there) runs into platforms that have lifts/ramps/are step free to the outside world.

Next point: there are three separate lines to the London Overground network (North London line, Gospel Oak to Barking (aka GOB or Goblin) and the West London line). Why not give each of them their own name and colour? It can only help them fit in with the rest of the map.

And finally, when is the clock on the comments page going to switch to GMT?

Slightly off-topic, but the new map makes the whole network even more "top-heavy". Or should that be "North-heavy". I've always felt sorry for South Londoners and their lack of decent access to the Tube (let's face it, on South London roads, you really don't want to rely on buses). This new map just emphasises the issue. Over 300 stations listed (I think, I gave up counting when I got to 200 in the 'N's) and only 38 of them are south of the river!

Does this mean that "London Overground" is part of the "Tube" now....?

dg writes: no (there's a clue in the name)

A new station at Wood Lane! hurrah.. that'll really please the BBC workers, who see the tube station finished just in time for TVCto be sold off and for them to have no need to go there.

Nice to see that that south london football team (Woolwich Wanderers) are getting a DLR station too - Woolwich Arsenal at last. That'll help on match days.

> Chz
> In what world is Clapham Junction wheelchair accessible?In what world is Clapham Junction wheelchair accessible?

It might be lift/ramp accessable from the west side of the station - but check out Epping. It's got a map-clogging wheelchair blob too (because remember kids: all people with disabilities have wheelchairs). Anyway, I've said it before and i'll say it again. There are two platforms at Epping, one to the west side with the entrance and ticket barriers, and one on the east side linked by steps only. So if you come in by train on the platfrom and you can't manage steps - what the fuck are you supposed to do?

What the **** ?????? Has the map been pulled? The DG link and website only give me the old pdf? Is it me? And will I then be able to legitmately use my prepay oyster to travel on the overground lines before the touch pads are installed??

It's not you. The (new) map has been pulled. LHR T5 isn't there and the (orange?) North London Line has reverted to white... Seems like it might have been put up in error - or they realised it sucked.

Yes, I looked at it yesterday, didn't save it (which I was going to but was in a rush) and now it's gone! Wonder if they're just holding out for the Overground launch or they're making changes.
One thing I noticed was that the Overground lines coming out of Willesden Junction were very messy and hadn't quite been drawn properly.

Looks like TFL *do* monitor this site eh and pulled the new map, presumably put up in error?

@Tony @Bowroaduk - I think that's exactly right. Total c0ck up...

Anyone save the PDF and care to share it somewhere?

You can download a map with a big orange spider from the link on the right of this page.

That's not the new map, but the big orange spider is much the same.

errm, either my web cache is being way too efficient, or the new map is back!

dg writes: nah, that's definitely the old one

"Kings Cross St Pancras for St Pancras International, St Pancras Intercity, St Pancras Suburban, Kings Cross Intercity, Kings Cross Suburban, WH Smith, Superdrug, Whistlestop (x2), WC, a taxi rank, ticket touts, Platform Nine and a Half, Bus routes 45, 63, N10 and N63"

There, just for clarity? Needs completing.

Of course the new Wood Lane is being put in to assist the BBC workers in getting to the BBC Wood Lane offices. Which are closing and being sold. So good work there Ken and the Beeb. Great communications....

OOOH! I printed off the new map this morning so that I could read it more easily. Should I put it up for sale on e-Bay?? Or any offers here?

Don't blame Ken for this one; Westfield - the White City retailplex developers - are paying for the new Wood Lane station. I don't think the footfall to TV Centre featured overly in their considerations.

So the future definitely is orange then.

I also managed to catch the new map yesterday and didn't save it. Have to admit the orange was a little overpowering, but if anyone thinks that the south is missing out, try looking at this extra busy map from 2025 http://

The new map appears to have appeared here.....

Such glee to think TfL are monitoring this site.....DG they should thank you!

Now I see what you were talking about DG. What a horrible reworking. The NLL looks like someone has been playing with spaghetti... and the icons? Good grief.

I hope we will also be getting a new "London Connections" map. That is the one I prefer as it shows the Underground and the Network Rail suburban lines on the same map. Essential for tube deprived South of the river.

All that orange? It's like going back to the 80s map!

Does anyone else remember the late-80s London Connections map, which was in London Underground style and showed the entire London-area main line network in orange? It was dropped and replaced with the current style of London Connections when NSE introduced route branding, and so LU could reuse the orange colour for the East London when it became a separate line.

From the new map... isn't Hampstead Heath supposed to be moving back into Zone 2? It was moved into Zone 3 to make more money when Silverlink was privatised, but TfL plans to move it back.

Many people are discussing that very point elsewhere, Inspector.

They also seem convinced that London's Travelcard zones are about to be renumbered 1-9, not 1-6 & A-D.

Small versions of old and new tube maps now available here.

Its not just the information pollution, the new lines have been nastily added. Eight kinks to get from Barking to Gospel Oak (its possible to do it in half the number), and they've made a complete hash of the geography around Seven Sisters in the process. No one will want to travel on the Goblin Line if it is shown like that, but on the other hand, with a diesel train every 30 minutes, perhaps putting people off is a good thing.

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