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I like the way the word "Hell" followed the sentence "... their religion to be devout teetotalers"
Not just pubs, local cinemas have gone, bingo halls are going, -mosques are expanding-
Still we can socialise in a burger bar or a coffe shop. Or is the internet the way meet up now?.

Don't know if it's within 1/2 a mile or not but the Greyhound on Stratford high st near Burford rd has been shut for years.

I expect that you never went inside because it didnt serve dry martinis?

The map was extremely interesting.

I was particularly interested in the lefevre flowers.

My grandparents owned the house that used to stand at 44 Merchant Street from 1928 until it was the subject of a Government Compulsory Purchase Order in the late '50s, and a Mr Lefevre would come and whitewash the kitchen and 'area' every spring.

Obviously I have no idea whether there is any connection, or if this is just a happy coincidence.

You should try the beer garden of the Little Driver, DG, which is quite a unexpected surprise for the area...

This is my local pub too - I never went in because I thought it looked terrifying - always seemed half boarded up and had a couple of local alcoholics loitering outside.....maybe I should have tried it before it was too late.

I agree with Kim about the Little Driver too!

Such a shame. The Kings Arms looks like a cosy local on Google Street view, with punters sitting at the tables outside and a few potted plants dotted around. It adds character to the street.

I hope it doesn't become luxury flats, but with the parking behind I fear that it most likely will.

A little closer to Stratford, the Green Man disappeared a few years ago. Is the Green Gate still there, near junction with Abbey Lane? I supped in both during my misspent youth.

We don't always appreciate our heritage until it is gone. There's an awful lot of history in the pubs you mention.

Vulpine - The Green Gate closed in 1997.

No pubs remain along Bow Road/Stratford High Street for at least a mile between the Little Driver and the Builders Arms.

• More Stratford pubs here.
• More Bow pubs here.
• More London pubs here.

Lots of pubs have closed down recently, and it's not much better in the EN postcode area. In particular, several pubs in Enfield, Cheshunt and Barnet have all been boarded up or demolished, some in the town centres themselves. An ominious sign of the break-up of society, perhaps?

Its so sad watching the end of history : (
(the pub and the name Fanny ; ), you really did your research)

Brilliant piece. I was possibly, for a couple of years, a strange paradoxical part of both the problem and solution, living in Bow Central (hate that place) and then Bow Quarter (love that place) but also drinking in The Little Driver and The Kings Arms so I'm really sad to hear the latter has closed.

Having lived near the converted Ordell Arms and then a similar building on Fairfield Road (name that pub?) I often walked past them and pondered morosely on the effects of the local "gentrification". Yes, supply and demand, yes, wheat from the chaff but it doesn't make it any easier to take.

History and personality seep through the brickwork of these places; the fights, the courting, the friendships. Big pity. I take it the often far-less-friendly Coborn Arms (even football didn't keep me going in the end) and entirely vacuous Morgan Arms are still going strong? Splendid.

Cheers for linking to my photos and glad to be of help, though I've only really touched the surface of what at least used to be a really rich area for pubs. I need to go back and cover more of it before it disappears, so thanks for putting the map together. I might even try to stop by and drink in a few places, though it's been hard for me to have a local myself because I'm always in other parts of London.

Cardigan as well? Oh my. Can't say I ever dared go in there though.

Hang on, no, not the Cardigan. Not yet. Let me change the colour of the pin on the map.

Aha. False alarm. Although it's given me a second chance to sample it I think I may still have to pass.

"A dry martini for me, landlord, and a pint of vitriol for the gentleman over there sitting by himself."

Yeah, but Vitri-Ale by Greene King was only served in The Kings Arms.

I once strolled past The Kings Arms on a Sunday lunchtime and saw a guy sitting outside on his own; pint, Sunday paper, cigarette, and remarked to my then-girlfriend that it was "the life". She retorted that if I wanted it I could have it. Alas, darling, now I never will.

No pubs remain along Bow Road/Stratford High Street for at least a mile between the Little Driver and the Builders Arms.

...apart from the Bow Bells.

Agreed, let me try that again...

No pubs remain along Bow Road/Stratford High Street for at least a mile between the Bow Bells and the Builders Arms.

I remember a pub called "The Bay Tree" at 382 Roman Road (just over the road from where I used to live) in 50s / 60s. Seem to remember they had a piano and a Scotsman playing bagpipes on a sunday. Long since gone!

Bizarrely, your map loads and then changes its mind and shows me a map of businesses that will be using the Brixton pound instead!

I've seen some Asian gentleman going in and out of the Kings Arms so I'd be surprised if it remians a pub.Had amnay a decent lock in there over the years and the Thai food was lovely.Sadly,the smoking ban kept their core customers(elderly Irish)away.There were two pubs on Fairfield Road,The Bromley Arms and Edinburgh Arms.They never got the trade from the gated 'community'nearby.

Pity. They were both shut by the time I got there but if I they'd've still been open I certainly would have considered them both. For one thing, at least I ventured out of the grounds despite the presence of "Madisons". And that place comes highly recommended...

"and almost forgot very nice ladies come too..nice men as well if you are a gay."

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