please empty your brain below

It's OK, as per your link to the rebuilding of Olympia, “the masterplan includes proposals for a logistics centre and investment in a cutting-edge logistics management system…”

That’s bound to include a whizzy way to better direct visitors like posters, signs and temporary bus stops. Alternatively move the Ideal Home Exhibition to the O2 and catch the tube all the way.
Perhaps the lack of signage is a sinister plot to try and suppress passenger numbers so it doesn't need to run next year.
What surprises me is that I haven't seen a single advertisement for it this year when they used to be ubiquitous. I must be getting younger!
My recollection back in the 1950s/early 60s was that the Earls Court-Olympia link was an "exhibition service" that only ran when there were exhibitions (I can certainly recollect using it in 1963 when the IPEX exhibition used both venues)
Abellio also use these 94xx '56' plate E400 on the 156 and 345, are they now the oldest buses on TfL work?
“Railway Replacement”
How did you know about the secret bus?
Occasionally when TfL are criticised they seem to act like a petulant child and do something badly so they can say "Told you so", though I thought they'd have proved their point by now on this one and dropped it. Another example is putting the whole mess of Thameslink on the Tube map when all that's really needed is the central bit.

The clickbait heading isn't quite right by the way. It needs to include "...and this is what I found" or "...and you won't believe what happened" or similar. Not nearly exciting enough otherwise.
Good piece of click-bait. It worked, and unlike most others I've been sucked in by, was actually worth the read!

Out-of-towner's may not have been on a bus in ages, but I've not been to the Ideal Home Exhibition in ages!
Probably since the 1990s when I first became a homeowner! I had no idea it was still going.
I visited the Ideal Home Show yesterday (and thoroughly enjoyed it!). Travelling from the east side of London, I find the quickest way to Olympia is to take the Central line from Stratford through to Shepherd's Bush, exit the station, cross the road to the Overground station then travel one stop to Olympia.

This route does involve going up and down stairs in at least one direction - which is not so good for those with limited mobility. On the other hand, however, the underground bay platform at Olympia is ideal as it is adjacent to the Exhibition Centre and provides level access throughout.

The Olympia branch is relatively short (almost like a turn-back siding for trains terminating at Earl's Court), so it's therefore a shame that Transport for London can't provide a regular weekday service to Kensington Olympia at (say) 15 minute intervals (perhaps starting from somewhere like Tower Hill?).
The extra bus stop appears on Google Maps as "Earls Court Station" running service "DIS".
I wonder if the service is being paid for by the exhibition organisers? If so, perhaps TfL take the view that it’s a private hire, and hence not their responsibility to promote it.

Years ago, Sadler’s Wells theatre used to run a post-performance bus service to several railway stations, using (then) LT buses, but the only promotion was in the theatre’s own literature and there was no street or bus stop publicity.
Still Anon - yes they are the oldest buses still on TFL services. New in January 2007 to Travel London to operate route 452 from Wandsworth Road Station to Kensal Rise.
I recall that until the 80s(?) Olympia was served just by the District Line exhibition-only service (which ran through to High St Kensington) and the unadvertised Kenny Belle. For an exciting trip home from Acton to Croydon I once caught the former to Olympia than the latter to Clapham Junction. Even without the shuttle, that trip would be so much easier now!
Post Script: I had an appointment in Central London this morning and saw two adverts when using the tube escalators.
BITD there was also a "secret" inter-city rail service from Olympia. At the time, I lived near Queens Gate and travelled to Ruby regularly for work. That meant a trip to Euston in the mornings, which could be problematic, with buses held up at Hyde Park corner. The Tube was a long slog to South Ken with a rush-hour change required

Much better was to hop a westbound bus to Olympia (less than ten minutes usually) and take the Olympia rail service toward Crewe (IIRC). I think it originated in Hove or nearby. Obviously it was not a busy train. Often I had a car to myself.

It was not unusual to see Eurostar trains in this area since they were serviced nearby and ran down to the station used then at Waterloo. One day, a Eurostar was trundling by as my "turbo" train arrived, and my car sported a plaque that said "First British train to pass through Eurotunnel". The contrast was quite stark

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