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I am reliably informed that V&A East Storehouse will be the eventual permanent display location of the front wall two floor single maisonette section of Robin Hood Gardens that the V&A purchased a couple of years ago
The photo of the street at Chobham Manor illustrates something that bemuses me about modern street design - why there are no visible surface water drains. I presume that the brick paviers are designed to somehow be permeable, but given how we are now so often deluged I wonder how these new development areas cope with excess rainwater.
I realise it may not have been sunny when you took the picture but there's really only one word for that photo of Chobham Manor and that's "bleak". Can't imagine wanting to live there.
I'm just astounded at how slow the redevelopment is. You'd have thought they'd have jumped to complete while the Games were still fresh in people's minds, but the longer it takes the further the legacy is weakened. Why so slow?

I lived in a city that hosted a Winter Olympics and afterwards the Flame was installed in the new park that was created from the stadium. It was re-lit for the Opening Ceremony of at least the next 2 Winter Olympics in commemoration and solidarity, which I thought was a nice touch.
It's strange how the post-Decimalisation generation regards 9 as insignificant. Under the old system 9d was a very important measure, as it was three-quarters of a shilling. I think the modern mindset is much less flexible and adaptable as so many more things are counted in 10's as if that is some imutable part of the universe, rather than a random evolutionary trait of the human hand.
The low rise area looks terribly sterile. Who are buying the gazillion apartments built in the last decade in redeveloped areas?
You'd think they would build on Sweetwater before ripping up the parkland next to East Wick
"Only a smattering of mud remained..."
Maybe there was mud in this location close to the waterways, but according to reports I've heard from other parts of London, it's not so much mud as it is something else...
The slow speed of development could be a result of the developers not wanting to flood the market with new properties which would likely lead to lower prices and impact their profits.

20 years to fully develop the area is a scandal. Even the Battersea redevelopment has achieved more since 2012
I agree with ap, what cold Architecture in Chobham manor and not a tree in sight,I wouldn't want to live there or in Kingsford Row.
It might be the time of day I tend to make the trek over, but the park seems to have fallen in status to a hidden gem (in my mind).

It's well known in my circles as the best place to skate in London; fairly quiet, beautiful, wide paths and really nice tarmac. I'm going to miss the quiet once all of these are built, especially East Wick, I love how far back the buildings are in that part of the park.
The government could build into planning permission incentives to faster development if they had a mind to.
It's worth saying that's not a typical photo of Chobham Manor, so best not judge the entire neighbourhood on that single image.
Dismal progress really, on what is a flagship, and high profile site.
The slow development is absolutely on purpose. You "release" "collections" to avoid flooding the market. They all do it but this one seems particularly drawn out. I suppose it's to combat the ultimately non-luxury nature of the site (compared to the comparatively rapid progress in Nine Elms).
I assume no DG reader would admit to having suggested the name "Here East".

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