please empty your brain below

"covering its running costs" is surely the absolute bare minimum, to avoid throwing good money after bad, not a measure of success. It should also be recovering the rather considerable capital investment, and eventually providing a return on the investment too.
Who ever would build a second urban cable car? Cardiff.
Danny drools over 'passing five million passenger journeys' before getting excited about the 'next five million customers'.
Sorry Danny the two are not the same. I know at least one blogger customer of yours who's made more than one journey in the Dangleway's lifetime.
And I'm wondering if a 'passenger journey' equals a single trip across in which case it's likely many 'customers' have made more than one 'passenger journey'. So I reckon you've some way to go before having your first five million customers.
I'm sure people are getting mighty tired of paying hard earned £ to look out of a window - day or night time. As if this were an 'event'??? Shard, Grater, bulbous death ray building, Gerkin etc....
Fantastic. We love the cable car!
There's no need to scoff, there is one commuter. I got talking to him on the train to Newcastle.

There is only the one, mind...

Everyone expected it to turn into a touristy white elephant (a bit like the Clipper, for that matter), so at least TfL are trying to encourage some tourists to look at Beckton scrapyard. They've spent the money, despite everyone saying they shouldn't, so I guess we should support their attempts to get some tourist dollar.
Write about what you want, DG. I find your posts nearly always fascinating.

But when it comes to the cable car, I am rather less fascinated than usual. Always the same message (with which I happen to agree); the cable car is a tourist attraction, not a transport link, and its use of a bit of TfL's transport budget should not have happened.

But it did; I suggest that serious transport users, and taxpayers, should now shrug and move on.
Can it really be true that the Waterloo & City Line has carried only nine times as many people as the Dangleway? Looking at the crowds at Waterloo of a morning, I would have thought a single train on the Drain is carrying more passengers than the dangleway carries in a whole day!

And it depends on your definition of "urban", but I think the cablecar at Matlock might qualify.
However, opening until 11:00pm means it will be an additional route away from the O2 at the end of events when the Jubilee line is rammed. So this may show an upturn in passengers deciding to swing across and take the DLR instead of braving the scrum for buses and the tube... (or to park on the north bank and 'fly' across, which may be cheaper than the eye-watering car-park charges at the O2)

the cable car is a tourist attraction, not a transport link, and its use of a bit of TfL's transport budget should not have happened.

But those tourists are getting to the Dangleway somehow, and providing revenue to other parts of the transport network.

Lots of the older people I know (who may or may not be counted as Londoners, depending on how 'London' is classified - eg London borough council tax payers, inside M25, home counties?) love the Dangleway and take their grandkids (who also love it) at every opportunity.

It's something different in a samey world.

There are plenty of things which are launched under a lie. At least this one isn't losing money.
Sorry, I know this can all look a bit tedious.

But, given that the cablecar exists, I am fascinated by TfL's attempts at 'marketing the unnecessary'.
Oh, I saw my first red Boris Bike in the flesh today, a lonely singleton parked among a sea of blue ones. Are they being phased in now? Has anyone seen a flock together?
No doubt the way things are going the next big promotional push will be TFL putting beds in the pods each evening so couples can Lurve their way across the Thames...probably linked to a live TV reality show...what next after that though?
My ex-partner worked in the Press Office at TFL and as such I take an interest in the stuff they put out. It never ceases to amuse me at the positive spin they attempt to put on everything although I guess its the same for press offices for most organisations. The cable car brings to my mind the expression - flogging a dead horse
"I am fascinated by TfL's attempts at 'marketing the unnecessary'"

I am fascinated by *all* companies'
attempts at marketing the unnecessary.

eg iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch ([insert the name of any high-profile branded products here]) anyone? ;)
As I have said before, they should extend the Dangleway underground into North Greenwich station, let passengers disembark onto the Westbound platform, send the cars under the tracks to rise up again on the Eastbound platform, providing cross "platform" interchange. That way, you would get a load of accidental/spontaneous users! Then run it at the end of every drunk concert so concertgoers can accidentally stumble on and gain TfL revenue. 5 million journeys in no time.
I've seen a few red Boris Bikes, including the one I used this evening, but I've never seen more than two together. I've actually seen more vans in the new livery.
I still prefer the yellow Tour de France ones though (more visible), but they are getting very rare.
I've only seen the one red bike, but I haven't gone looking for them.

I've not seen a yellow bike, or a red van. Must look harder!

Perhaps IanVisits can be persuaded to repeat his Boris Bike trip to Paris! More recently, a few people have cycled to Paris on a Boris Bike

Has anyone brought a Velib to London?
@ Emirates Dangleway - there, there (pats shoulder).
I don't know if whoever is behind this thing reads this blog, though I expect they do.

Guys, the only thing putting me off giving the dangleway a try is all this "complementary [sic] music and video entertainment" guff you're inflicting on people.

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