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Yes, I find a smartphone is good for reading/browsing and texting and short emails, but not so good for writing longer text or more complex tasks.
If your mobile contract permits tethering, you can connect your phone as a modem to a computer. In iPhone settings, look for "Personal Hotspot".

The photos from yesterday are great!
FYI I walked from Beachy Head to Exceat, which is six proper undulating miles.
And this time, for a change, I took the bus from Brighton.
I know a few people who manage with a tablet, but no one who uses a smartphone instead of a computer. And the point of it is that it's portable and convenient when you don't have wifi. It's a useful addition, not a replacement, surely?
I always want to take a giant ring and throw it around the lighthouse.
A few years ago, the good lady and I stayed overnight in the Belle Tout lighthouse. It was a great experience, although it wasn't cheap !

A few views from the stack are here.
What was particularly interesting was the view downwards into the hole, left behind after the lighthouse had been moved bodily backwards, away from the creeping cliff edge.
This is how people who missed desktop computers and laptops and went straight to smartphones or tablets see the internet. It is also how people in developing countries access the net.

Although it isn't a totally clear cut line, phones and tablets are primarily content consumption devices and desktop/laptop computers are for content creation. As you are a content creator, it is right that using a phone would feel frustrating.
Ah, so it wasn't just my PC, then.
My first discovery in the morning was that the Comments sections of your posts were appearing and disappearing at will.
Later, I missed a purchase on eBay by seconds because - of all things - the countdown timer for bidding started going slower than real time.
A strange day but - as you say - things do appear back to normal now.
You should get an iPad, then you wouldn't have a problem - the keys are roughly the same size as a normal keyboard and your blog displays perfectly on here (I'm writing this on an iPad right now).

I don't recall hearing of any broadband failure - looking at the BT website there was a problem near Waltham Cross - it didn't effect me either at work or home yesterday; my Internet was fine.
...and ...what ...of ...the ...days of 'dial-up', oh how we all quickly forget? ;)
Ditto to tethering. Even if your phone provider doesn't specifically allow it, it's often possible to get it to work anyway. I often use it when working on my laptop in coffee shops, etc., rather than relying on free wifi (which isn't as secure).
My Rugby radio alarm had no signal this morning - not that I'm complaining.
RogerW, just use a sniping service.
That's a great walk, I did it last year. The only disappointment about it, was reaching the bottom of Beachy head, feeling I'd deserved a pint or two, and finding no nice pub there to greet me!
Thanks, John, I know about 'sniping' but I actually don't mind watching the final stages of an auction, to see if an item is still within my range and if I could get it as a bargain.
Plus, being there at 'the end' can also be an advantage if you have a possible choice of more than one similar items, and don't want to commit to a bid on one or another until you can see what actually happens as regards the first one to finish.
I admit that there was something about the connection of "No Internet = go to notorious suicide spot (Beachy Head)" that tickled me for a moment there!
One of my favourite walks as well, and one of the reason I'm glad I made the move from London to Brighton. London is great for working in and for evening entertainment but Brighton is great for quality of life.
Something weird did definitely happen on August 23rd.
I've just looked at the 'stats' on my Flickr account and the graph for viewing figures shows buoyant figures for every other day, but for 23 August 2013 it records nothing but a big fat zero.

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