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There's a Starbucks in Surrey Quays shopping centre, SE16, too, to add to the meagre SE London quarter!
Would love to see a map of proper egg'n'chips caffs though...

Impressively, E16 had a little outpost of the chain for a while... in City Airport (can't think of where else one would go in that area). It never seemed that busy and closed down earlier this year.

Ah yes, sorry, I missed SE16. It's in now.

And I can offer you a list of proper egg'n'chips caffs, but not a map.

Northampton is the largest UK town (by population) without a starbucks.

I have no idea why I know that.

Cheers for the link DG. Some good ones on that list, though I would say many are missing, and Le Pain Quotidien and Butler's Wharf Chop House weren't quite what I had in mind! Perhaps a gap in the market for a much travelled London blogger...

dg writes: An eggs,beans&chips blog? Been done.

An estate agent once told me you can tell if an area is up and coming when they open a Starbucks there.

They opened one up near me. I'm not joking but the prices of houses on my street had been roughly the same for years since I bought mine. then Starbucks (and Nandos) opened up. House prices on our street went up about £50,000. Which frankly is tragic that people think a Starbucks makes an area more attractive.

Pleased to report that my nearest Starbucks is more than 20km away now(the finder's a bit crap and doesn't tell me exactly how far but it's across a not-quite-international border so far enough)

One more to add the eastern corner of your chart DG. E11 - Wanstead High Street.

dg writes: Cheers, that's now added.

There's a starbucks 'shack' on the platform at Wimbledon Station (SW19) that doesn't make it onto the Starbucks store locator. So that makes four.

DG, I see that E3 is a Starbucks-free postcode area; no surprises there! And that the Starbucks in Stratford (not one of the chain's finer locations, you'd be better going to the Mr Frothy van at the station) is less than 3.5 years old.

@Andrew, I notice there is a (second) Nando's opening on Mile End Road, under the Green Bridge. I wonder what this will do for the 5,000 other fried chicken outlets in E3, not to mention property prices?

Given the current threat of "economic cleansing" in London could we see Starbucks & Nandos openings becoming an early warning to the poor that their days are numbered in "the manor" ???

A modern day "Moaning Minnie", the two horsemen of the apocolypse (The other two arriving later in the guise of Strada and Carlucchios)



I suppose if we're counting railway station shacks, there's a third one in SM1 - two on the high street, one Sutton Rail station.

So far as the coffee goes, all the big chains are roughly the same. Starbucks gets credit for training their people slightly better, but only slightly. I can't give them credit for giving their US employees health care without being unfair to Costa and Nero.

I actually quite liked Coffee Republic, so naturally they're the ones in dire straights.

I've decided not to start adding station-based coffee shacks, because I couldn't be consistent and add them all.

And as for which chain of froth-dispensary is the best, I never frequent any of them and so don't care :)

There are only about 6 Starbucks cafes in the whole of the Netherlands. Mostly in the North of the country around Amsterdam, the nearest to me is 45Kms away.

Never set foot in one either. Coffee, my father used to say, is a nasty American habit on a par with putting ice in your Scotch. Time for a nice cup of tea.

Glad to see my former NW postcode is still Starbucks-free! The only thing I've ever had there was a hot chocolate, and even that wasn't very nice!

proud to live in E8 (where we have bricks for that sort of thing)

What's East Dulwich doing in the same box as Croydon?

dg writes: Consider it moved...

Still no Starbucks in Hanwell W7, or West Ealing W13!

I feel strangely proud. Wait no I don't.

Hello. We are actually working on an LRB map right now - will send the link very soon. Hopefully enough egg'n'chips in there to be useful. And let me know where we should visit, SELondoner.

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