please empty your brain below

"That's the second roof truss, and if you stay for an hour you'll see a big crane lift it up into place on the roof". I couldn't stay for an hour because I have a life...

That made me laugh, always needed on a Monday morning. Cheers!

"...A bit worrying perhaps..." yeah,i know the feeling. obama's watered down stimulus plan is 11,000 pages long. the people voting to pass/fail didn't have time to read it,so their staff read different sections & summarized. it's also unlikely to be readily available to the public who will end up paying for it.

The consultation document is depressing reading to me. No mention of freight in the transport summary other than in the waterways section. No mention of deliveries at all. Clearly "transport" = "passenger transport".

If you've not got any Saint Etienne already, I urge you to buy "London Conversations". Pop genius for the melancholy minded. London Belongs To Me.........

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