please empty your brain below

I have added to my list for my next long cycle out.

Very nice video, you should be pleased with the results.
I've been there. If you turn right immediately inside that gate and walk along the field edge there is a mobile phone mast. I had a job to survey for a new fibre optic cable to the mast site. Despite it being publicly accessible before I was allowed to go there I had to attend a contractors' safety course at the airport, which was all about working in the passenger terminals. Then the people we were working for had to apply for a permit for me to enter the site. Only when I had the permit was I allowed to visit. This all took a couple of months to sort out. When I got to the site the mast compound was secured with a combination lock to which no one knew the code so I couldn't get in. Three days later I retired so I guess the whole circus started again.
Those eerie whooshing noises are indeed very eerie!
I first encountered them in Myrtle Road and was immediately reminded of Dementors from Harry Potter swooshing around the Dursley's estate looking for lost souls!

Peaceful or planes - what's not not love about that site!
With the massive cost and disruptiveness of the 3rd runway project, I suspect it'll stay as a plan without actually happening...
Justifiably proud of that shadow video.
Heathrow are still buying up properties in the 3rd runway area and decommissioning them. According to a chap I got chatting to its not a case of if but when it eventually happens. Who knows?
A very enjoyable article, thank you.
This must be the spot where Boris will lie down in front of the bulldozers....
Repetition. Three "expects".
That is an incorrect challenge. Diamond Geezer, you have 59 seconds to on the subject of Airport Runways, starting NOW!
[I am less sanguine about the future of this biodiversity site]
That is a very fun video.
Thank you for this article, how does one know if the flights are landing in the right direction? Is there a website that states the schedule etc?

dg writes: there is, and it's linked in the post.
Thank you Sir, I'm sorry I missed the blue link. Best wishes.

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