please empty your brain below

Good one, I took about 10 seconds to catch on.

Hmm - took me longer than that! :-(

What, no kittens?

What, not even that bird with the freaky clown?

You can by a dish and receiver and watch Sky platform for free, many channels are free to air.
Of course digital seems to be the “in” word -. digital radio-digital TV-digital cinema projectors-digital telephones.
Guess I shall have to scrap my crystal set and magic lantern!

looks like my old ondigital box may still work, then.

Excellent, truly excellent.

I agree with Geoff, no kittenz?

(Checks calendar)

About six and a bit months late, or five and a bit months early?

Not sure.

Still, at least it ain't Blogger that's messed up this time, eh?

I guess you've already done kittens so where are the puppies then?

Ugh, heart failure. I thought the management had spotted that I waste a minute of every day reading this.

I got an overloaded server message from Google first, so it was even more apt...

Me too!

Slight feeling of "oh no!" when i first saw the screen and nano second thought I can't read DG anymore?NOooo!.
I am a true addict.

Top parody there.

Though everyone seems to have forgotten about Llansteffan and Ferryside. Or does that not count, because their Freeview boxes really were free?

Had me for a couple of seconds. Nice.

Very funny

You are a 'rotter', nearly had me going into a panic. 'Wot no more DG?' type syndrome, but heh I twigged just in time.

Here in Munich we switched over in three months in summer 2005. You are a lot of namby-pambies! DG is right though - digital TV is a technical disaster, foisted on us too early by greedy governments.

You bad, bad boy.

One can of course apply the digital metaphor in return. One digit often suffices, but a traditionalist like me prefers to stick two up.

Scared the crap out of me! Literally. I have to go change pants now. (Wait, pants means something different over there, doesn't it? Hope I didn't offend.....)

Recently returned to reading via RSS, then two posts not affecting RSS readers in a week? Looks much better in the browser...
Very good - even though I am an ardent proponent of progress in this particular area

ah shite....looks like I'll have to bake brownies instead.....

hey hey... transmission restored...

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