please empty your brain below

Oooh, it does sound like Coventry (for Warwick, natch), but is that too obvious?

Oooh. Post war bombing. Are you in Coventry?

Frank Whittle - born in Coventry. Inventor of the jet engine. Not exactly much loved transport, though.

In that case I seem to do disasterously badly at guessing these mystery tours. This is the second time I have been over-confidently wrong and I have to admit I am now totally baffled.

As Sarah has pointed out, the dangers of reading too much into a statement !

Yes, sounds very much like Coventry.

Cathedral's nice, but there's very little else of interest. I'd say DG should take the train back down towards Leamington Spa - much nicer place

I did wonder if it was Southampton on the first post, and the start of this one, but guess I'll have to wait till another day for a DG visit down this way

I'm a bit puzzled by the bridge comment though. Anyone know?

Not a clue. I'm convinced DG is in the Midlands because of the canals but the bridge bit is throwing me as well.

Foot bridge on the way to the canal basin in Coventry, perhaps? If it is Coventry, then Transport Museum is worth a look. (It's free!)

Only bridge I can think of is a rather scary pedestrian footbridge over a main road between the canal basin and the city centre. First/highest/wobbliest pedestrian footbridge? I'm just being silly aren't I.


The Tyne Bridge, George Stephenson. Dunno about the church bit (coals to Newcastle is the only one I know about the place) or where the station is.

If it IS Newcastle, I wan't my prize in booktoens. Or Blue Peter Badges.

I think DG has indeed been sent to Coventry.

Home of my childhood! I hope that's where he is.

Bristol? It does have an impressive bridge, right?

You know, it could be Chichester - that has a canal & a cathedral!

While I appreciate the benefits of a jet engine for travelling from Toronto to London, I certainly wouldn't call it "much loved". The much-loved bicycle, however, was also developed in Coventry by James Stanley and his nephew J. K. Stanley (who went on to found the less-loved Rover company). They started with Penny Farthings and moved on to the Safety Bicycle (chain drive and equal sized wheels).

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