please empty your brain below

Wasn't Crystal Waters the one who did that irritating "because she's homeless, she's homeless" guff about 15 years ago?

Singles are regarded by the music biz as pure marketing nowadays, hence the number of promo couples.

Aside from a novelty record or two, the sales numbers are also extremely low.

Hullo, top post!!! I am a bit horny now.

Ah... I forgot the limit on the 'name' field.


What about the worse phenomenon of making it sound like a fight. Artist A vs Artist B.

Inspector Sands: Yes. *shudder*

i think todays charts and artists have so much pressure in making a number 1 hit, it ruins so many could be good artists and bands but as the media hype about artists and bands are so big its so much pressure, just look at how many hits artists like elton john and david bowie had before they had a number 1 hit, if they were starting out today they would be dead and burried with in a couple of hits if they didnt make top stop i think

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