please empty your brain below

It's Hull
"From Hell, Hull, and Halifax, Good Lord, deliver us!".
White telephone box, Philip Larkin; you don't have to be Sherlock to get this one!
Sounds like you need one of those Anker (I'm sure other brands are available, but that's what I chose) Astro chargers. They're about 10x5x3cm. You might not want to carry one around all day, but useful for trips away etc.

Have fun in Hull. Jones the planner wrote earlier in the year:-
21st century problems...How portable digital technology has changed our perception of battery life.
A non digital AM/FM radio will normally work for weeks on one non- rechargeable battery, its current consumption at a reasonable sound volume being about 20mA. Back then you would expect to change the battery every month or two.That technology has been around since the 1960's. In comparison a modern DAB radio will work only for a few hours on a rechargeable battery. So with 'phones, MP3 players and much modern digital portable equipment we have now got used to recharging daily.
The processors eat up the power.
One area bucking this trend where battery life is now longer is in torches (or flashlights for those in the US). A modern torch with an LED bulb will run for many hours whereas old torches with tungsten filament bulb would soon dim out.
This has been particularly beneficial for cyclists lamps.
I guess your fellow passenger who could not read his book should have had a hard copy paper back-up, at least the lights would be on in the train.
The battery of a book reader lasts for weeks, he really left it for the last moment.
The disadvantage with books is that they are bigger than e-readers and heavy, specially if you have several of them.
The advantage of books is that they still work when there's nowhere to plug in your battery charger. Or if you accidentally sit on them. Plus they don't keep you awake at night by pumping your eyes full of 'blue' light!
"Err nerr, the battery on me phern's gerrin ter gerr".

Shouldn't it be Kingscity-upon-Hull now?

But couldn't the poor gent opposite go and find a seat in a different carriage, where the plug was working?

With a seat reservation, you don't HAVE to sit in your designated seat.

I often choose to sit in a different seat - and am considerate enough to remove the paper label, so that it's free for another traveller.

Not so easy on trains without paper labels, and positively impossible on Cross Country Voyagers with their electronic seat revervation signs that you can't cancel and that can reserve a seat by magic, during the course of the journey, even while you're sitting there. Aarrgh !

Technology, don't ya just love it (sometimes Not).
"Err nerr, the battery on me phern's gerrin ter gerr". Spot on with the accent, Adrian. "Kingscity-upon-'ull" perhaps?
I see, larkin' about up north.

And even further north, but still only about 2h50 on the train is 'Toon' - which is, of course, Newcastle City.
I've been to Hull once.

City or town, once is enough.
Yay, my place of birth and somewhere that is now very much on the up compared to a decade or more back. Love the comments on the accent; having moved away at a very early age so not speaking it myself I once had a bizarre conversation when my aunt was talking about the cursed. I eventually had to get her to spell it and discovered she was talking about the Bridlington area rather than someone jinxed by a witch!
Looking forward to reading this - I grew up in Scunthorpe just across the river, so I know Hull well. My parents now live just near Barton upon Humber, which looks across the river to Hull. Very underrated place is Hull...
I was passing Hull yesterday, driving over the Humber Bridge on the way home from the North York Moors via my own home city of Lincoln. Shortage of electronic gizmos on my transport to, as someone has bust the charging socket in the car.

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