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The proportions of the roundel don't look right. Makes me feel ill.
When I used to use this station every day back in the early 80s, I always thought it was a (very) poor relative of stations in other areas. It always felt unsafe to me.

This current revamp doesn't change my mind.

And what a lot of other development around it now.
"I've been dying to tell you about this error for years..."

Never change, DG. Never change. Loved this line.
The roundel looks cheap, a bit like a knock-off version. The way it is divided by the dark grey silicon separating the glass and not the mullion is strange.

It appears to be just a vinyl stuck on the face of the glass, so will the 'UNDERGROUND' text ever be added?

The CGI implies that the canopy is illuminated from the top, despite being daytime. I wonder if that is the case.
I don’t suppose you were able to see if they have replaced the labyrinth?
Impressive pictures of a reasonably impressive station. Makes me idly wonder if anything remains of the Victorian station, other than the site. Is any part of the platform surfaces original, for instance?

dg writes: Yes.

In the archive picture the station building looks quite respectable, if a touch grimy.
I always think having a roundel relatively high up at right angles to the station entrance is handy for people who don't know the area and are looking for the nearest station. Shame that appears to have gone.

Big M's for metro in other cities have saved me from long walks the wrong way or at least provided reassurance we're going the right way.
I really, really hate those lozenges they put the station name on these days. There's something about the proportions. I'd much rather it was simply written on the front of the awning, as it was before.
Was the 1972 station a consequence of the construction of the A102, or just happened to be around the same time? Didn't the old station burn down?
The 1970s station is on the opposite side of the road to the original Victorian station.
I remember the old station and it was quite dark looking, but given its age that was no surprise as we didn’t clean the outside of most buildings back then then.

Days out to Southend would start from there, the bus would drop you at the Pearly King and you would have to walk up St. Leonard’s Street to the station. No bus stop BE back then and no A12 running outside the station either.
TIL mullion
Has the S2 bus route stopped running? I jest, but back in the day BbB station was the stepping off point for the S2 to Clapton Pond, a route used by LT to test new types of single deck bus. Notably the Metro-Scania salon (MS class) and the Leyland National (LS class). It was a Metro-Scania saloon (fleet number MS4 I think), with its very light power steering, that ended up in the 'Pond' itself on the first day of service. A good bit of promotion that would no doubt please DG!
I echo Scott's comment about the lozenges. They just don't feel right for the Underground.
Stuart - The S2 was replaced in 2008 - DG wrote about it here.

Much of the route appears to replaced be the current 488.
Damn, the station wasn't complete.

In a press release issued 9th June, TfL said "Work will also restart on... station enhancements at Bromley by Bow, Finsbury Park, Knightsbridge and Tottenham Hale."

I wonder how much more there is still to do.

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