please empty your brain below

So, do you fancy taking me to the women's wrestling then?

I presume there must also be tickets available for some of the bronze medal play off events.

These offer a chance to watch a team 'medal'. Do British Olympic commentators 'verb' nouns as often as their Australian counterparts?

Worth pointing out that the cheap tickets for Canoe Sprint (as recommended) are for standing areas (only top two price tiers are in seated areas).

Can someone tell me if there are there any tickets for hockey?



I think you've just sparked an interest in women's wrestling unseen outside of Cardiff city centre.

I guess the football won't sell until nearer the time, when there'll be a bit of buzz about the GB team, people will know who's playing, and won't want to shell out for, say, Tunisia v Ukraine (as I did in the 2006 World Cup). Surprised the hockey hasn't shifted quickly, though - I guess we're all more curious about handball.

I suspect the Tennis has sold out *because* it is at Wimbledon. Tickets for "Actual Wimbledon" are very, very difficult to get, especially if you want to be able to sit in the Centre or Number 1 courts. The prices for Olympic Wimbledon were so reasonable (even at the top end) that I'm not surprised they got snapped up.

Still no idea what I've got, other than that it isn't the Archery (which I really, really wanted), the aforementioned Tennis, or the opening or closing ceremonies.

The friday at 6am is July 8th

Jon - "The friday at 6am" is this Friday for everybody who entered the ballot but got no tickets.

Those of us who do have tickets must wait until July 8th to try again (if there's anything other than football and volleyball left).

Keeping my fingers crossed that there are still some Canoe Sprint finals tickets left (in category B or C) come the 8th July.

In Tim Brabants GB have an Olympic Champion from Beijing - and it may be a great opportunity to see a British winner (assuming he can repeat the feat - big assumption I know). As you suggested in the blog, during the first round I got carried away with the rowing and didn't really give the Canoe Sprint much thought - really wish I had now.

Two thoughts:

Firstly, It' worth noting the duration of some of the events. For example, one of the synchronised swimming sessions still has tickets from £50 to £95... but it's only 45 minutes long.

Secondly, I notice that some events only have the higher priced tickets sold out - how did that happen?

Yes - I got some tickets

After applying for £2k worth of tickets in the first round (mix of events with lots of qualifying sessions rather than finals) but receiving none I logged on at 6am and applied for three batches of Hockey tickets.

One application was successful

Womens Classifications for 7th-8th & 9th-10th place

I hope the players put in the as much effort i have into the event.

I got 12 hockey tickets in the 2nd ballot. Looking forward now to the games.

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