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Answers below...

Try guessing before you look!

Exeter City
Quito (Ecuador)
Tyne and Wear
Got seven without cheating, should have got 8
Got the capital city wrong, got the rest right.
I'd guessed Everton for the football team. I assume there is a reason this is not allowable as an answer. Needless to say I know nothing about football ...
All right, although I struggled for a while with the EU country, and I wasn't sure if Ripon qualified as a city.

Technically, Everton is in the Premiership, which is separate from the English Football League.

In the official language of Austria, its name also starts with an "O"
Tyne and Wear doesn't exist as a "real" county any more. It was one of the ones broken up into unitary authorities, like Berkshire. It does have a lieutenancy though, which makes it a ceremonial county (again like Berkshire), so maybe that does make it a "real" county
Isn't Rochester a city again? Wonkypedia says so.

dg writes: It isn't (and no it doesn't)
Fell for Everton, Rochester and didn't get Tyne and Wear. Fun! Thanks.
For the county beginning with T the only one I could come up with was Trumptonshire, the only trouble is that unless your name is Windy Miller that county doesn't really exist.
Unique starting letters for...

...US states: D F G H L P R U
...Football League teams: E I Q T
...Premier/Football League teams: I Q
...Olympic host cities: H I N O V
...Summer Olympic host cities: H T stations: I
...shipping forecast areas: C G I L M N R V W
...EU members: A D E H M N R
...countries: O Q Y cities: I Q U Z
...UK cities: H I K M O R T Y
...English (ceremonial) counties: I K M O R T
...UK (ceremonial) counties: (none)
All but Everton, without thinking at all - clearly this is my day as I don't usually find them this easy.

My knowledge of football comes solely from collecting football coins and foil stick-in badges with petrol purchases in the late 1960s/early 70s.
All except Tyne and Wear
The fact that Reading isn't a city remains extremely silly.
Late getting to this one. I'm with Chris: I went for Everton (even thought it is in the Premiership: Exeter? oh), Rochester (local politicians decided to give up its ancient city status in a local government reorganisation in 1998, still a city to me), and *The* Isle of Wight (which I full expected to be wrong: part of Hampshire really). But I am pleased the memory banks pulled up Ickenham and Lundy.

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