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Toby carveries?
Well that was no fun.

Well done!
they flash
Now that's an interesting geographical split. What does W London have against a value Roast Dinner with Unfeasibly Large Yorkshire Pud?
Probably fewer less affluent white British. The only area I’m slightly surprised is nothing in Sutton.
There are four Toby Carveries within a mile of Sutton, so be less surprised.
One located near the Spurs training ground, I can Harry Kane going to a Toby Carvery.
I'm within walking distance of two Toby Carveries in Redbridge, and I never realised that they were so rare in other places (though I've noticed them when passing. I've never been to one and am probably never likely to)
As mentioned in the St. Etienne song Whyteleafe

"The return of the gentleman
Longing for the recent past
On the rail replacement bus
He'd never cause a fuss
Though it's ridiculous
At the staff Christmas party
In the dark Toby Carvery
He has to bite his tongue
While he's dreaming of duel nationality"

From the Home Counties album (that seems to me to be the Brexit song)

There are other DG resonances but I sense that resonances in songs and albums is not really your thing.
Presumably the existence of ones in Aldenham, Borehamwood, Denham, Epsom and Windsor contribute to western Greater London not having any.
I would challenge the photograph (and the Toby Carvery website) on that establishment being in "Woodford Green" as per the sign - I think it's very much "South Woodford" being on the Gants Hill side of Charlie Brown's roundabout.
Crown Bromley seems to have mooched southwards to Farthing Street (in LB Bromley), and Badgers Mount (just in Kent) and Buckhurst Hill (just in Essex) have both vanished.

dg writes: tweaked, thanks.
The Toby Carvery in the photo was once 'The Cocked Hat' pub. I think technically it is in the Woodford Green postcode area (IG8), although a large part of the nearby housing and roads are within Clayhall (IG5).

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