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Another interesting read. A few comments.

Tunnel concrete linings designed to last 120 years, what happens then?.

The new cinema is expensive and is not giving a choice of 3D or 2D for"Star Wars", poor value.

Glad you found the low level toilets I tried a couple of times last year but gave up.

I liked the roof garden, there is a performance area at one end, when I went it was during the Play Me I'm Yours piano event and so play I did.
John, I do find value in the Everyman cinema. I'm not a significantly high earner but I do sometimes like a treat and took membership (4x tickets for £60 plus a discount on future tickets and 10% off food and drink). It is therefore £4-5 more than the Cineworld round the corner. but you have sofas with good leg room, full bar service, a darker theatre (there are a lot less lights on during the film) and a nicer crowd so no one is texting during the film. Also the staff at the Everyman are about 100x more helpful and friendly compared to Cineworld.

They did show Star Wars in both formats but I think now they are on 2D only. I went to the O2 for Star Wars, as the superscreen is the largest non-IMAX screen in the UK. Star Wars I think needed a big screen so the Everyman wouldn't have been right.

So yes Everyman's premier seating is expensive, but you get a much nicer experience. Plus Cineworld at West India Quay charges £2 more for the good seats in the centre so when you add that costs the difference isn't so great. Just think about whether the film you are about to watch needs a big screen or not. The Everyman has 2x100 seaters and 1x 50 so the actual screens are much smaller compared to Cineworld where each screen seats hundreds.
Isn't it illegal not to have stairs access to a floor of a building? What would happen if there was a fire and people had to evacuate?
Not sure that £17 is sufficiently excessive for a 'premier' ticket to make comment on. Surrey Quays Odeon tickets were £14 IIRC last time I went.
Thanks for the info jon.
I went to my local Cineworld for Star Wars, chose 3D and being a senior it was £9.90. I go morning or early afternoon weekdays so the place is not busy and almost a private show!
I agree that the large screen at the O2 is good. As you seem to be interested in cinema standards have you tried IMAX at Empire Leicester Square which now has Laser lamps for its Digital 4K projectors. (Instead of Xenon Arc lamps).
Or the Science Museum IMAX which is/was showing Star Wars using 70mm film!.

I am still wondering what will happen in 120 years when the concrete linings on Crossrail end their service life.
The former industrial land of Limmo Peninsular has been redundant since 1913 when the Thames Ironworks were sold off. Their works football team became West Ham United at the Memorial ground where East London Rugby Club is now, next to the District line, then Boleyn Ground, Upton Park, and next year Stratford. Amongst the hundred or so lifeboats built here were also HMS Warrior, which now floats proudly at Portsmouth, although a section of the hull lines the staircase at the east end of Canning Town station
The Everyman at Crossrail Place might be free of oiks from Stratford. Sadly when we went, our evening was ruined - half the cinema being taken over by a Corporate Event. champagne swilling oiks. I'm sure Stratford oiks could not be more annoying than this lot - bobbing back and forth to the loo every two minutes and blocking the screen.
Everyman needs to decide if it's a serious cinema or another overpriced Wharf Corporate venue.
From the Orbit yesterday, I could see the Crossrail portals at Stratford.
all these comments about cinemas on a post about the Crossrail route

I wanted to ask, if the tunnelling machines went down at Bow Creek, how did they manage to get them back up again at Farringdon which I'm sure must be a much more constricted site.

dg writes: click on the 'tunnelling machines' link in the post and it'll tell you :)

"I am still wondering what will happen in 120 years when the concrete linings on Crossrail end their service life."

They will probably be replaced in situ.
Interesting that the toilets seem to be well below ground level, -Level 3, I thought deep tube stations did not have toilets underground as it meant using pumps to remove waste instead of gravity.
shirokaza- regarding the concrete linings ......"probably be replaced in situ".... Lots of weekend closures!
The old ticket hall at Whitechapel closes for good in a few weeks during a Sat/Sun possession so make sure you include that DG.
I thought you never needed to drink or use the loo?
From a certain angle, the "oddly shaped towers" at Blackwall remind me of Francis Bacon's Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion...

"Lots of weekend closures!"

I would guess so, but due to the timing I assume this is unlikely to inconvenience our good selves :-)

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