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Sadiq getting the "not obviously crazy" vote, I guess. That's unfair, Blackie doesn't seem quite as mad as the rest either, he just doesn't have any good policies. I was going to vote Binface (again), but I don't trust the polls to reflect the level of ULEZ-rage I see in outer London (and there's no Laurence Fox to try and humiliate) and so Khan it is.
Sadiq’s manifesto is apparently getting published today or tomorrow - I don’t know why it’s so late either. I suppose it’s not too different to manifestoes coming out during the short campaign at general elections, but two weeks before polling day is less than you usually get.
My postal vote papers have already arrived so Sadiq better hurry up
Two of the three ‘entrepreneurs’ preside over businesses (Squaredwatermelon and Zone Gym) that appear from their respective accounts to be insolvent.
I haven't received a booklet, but I did get a booklet defaming Khan and promoting Hall in the post yesterday. Wish I could put thorns up their a***. How dare they suggest that destructive woman!

BTW, that Tarun Ghulati guy also has intentions to scrap the LEZ and Congestion Charge apparently I read on his website a few weeks ago.
The Social Democratic Party candidate is the least socially democratic politician to ever claim to be a social democrat.
Like the US, why have we ended up with two such useless leading candidates?
SDP, are they still a thing, I thought they merged with the Lib Dems years ago?
Count B really does seem grounded compared to some of those.
Such an uninspiring list of candidates, though was impressed by Blackie's criticism of the fares freeze, rather than taking the easy political option.

For some reason Brian Rose has my email address, and I haven't got around to unsubscribing, so I keep getting mailings from him...
The SDP emerged after the merger with the Liberals, they were a splinter group who didn't merge-they are a strange one-left wing economically, right wing culturally (the last party to travel down that route was a certain party in Germany in the 1930s)

It's called Syncretic politics, but of course most people, while they do have a mix, tend to be more just left or right, not straddle left and right in the same ways.
The Continuity Continuity SDP (David Owen's breakaway lot jacked it in after coming behind the Loonies in Bootle) were, until a few years ago, a semi-serious force on a few local authorities (mainly East Yorkshire) - the same is the case with the continuity Liberal Party in Liverpool. They've since been effectively taken over by the likes of Giles Fraser and Rod Liddle as one of those rather odd post-liberal tendencies. The pivot to being explicitly transphobic but dressed up in a happy-clappy communitarian vibe was, I fear, inevitable.
Yes sorry forgot to say this is the second SDP after the original! And should have mentioned the Liberals still in existence, again somewhat on the right.

Interestingly a lecturer at the University of Westminster I worked with a while ago, Hugo De Burgh, is standing for the party for the London Assembly. He is on the left, economically, but the right socially.

A lot of the party support seems to be attracting those who might otherwise be minded to vote BNP/Britain First/National Front/Ukip/Reform or Lawrence Fox's Reclaim Party, they are clearly not on the left despite the economic stance they hold being left wing.
SDP, Continuity SDP, Continuity Continuity SDP, splitters!!
I always enjoy your distillation of the party policies - cutting through the slick phrases to the heart of it.
Sadiq has just launched his manifesto.
It's pretty much self-evident that anyone who issues a list of things that should be banned on the grounds of being "authoritarian" must themselves be authoritarian.

Here's an idea - re-name the London Assembly the Greater London Council and have the leader of that council as the prime local politician in London, rather than having a mayor. Or is that too revolutionary?
Just a small thing, but the countdown timer at the top of Sadiq's website is running an hour slow because nobody's reset it since the clocks went forward.
Goodness, I'd quite forgotten Sadiq delivered the Elizabeth and Battersea lines, Night Tube and Overground. What a performer! Gets my vote absolutely, or would do but that he only has 10 pledges against the Bin's count of 24, and a ratio of 2.4 to 1 is impossible to ignore.
Much as I’d like to consider Khan a shoo-in, I think it might be wise to take the gerrymandering effects of voter ID and the change to FPTP from preference voting into account before writing Susan Hall off completely. She may be a charisma-free zone compared to Johnson, but he motivated the OLBs to elect him as Mayor on similar pledges to hers, and their track-record of destruction goes back as far as the scuppering of Livingstone’s Fares Fair initiative because it upset the car-drivers of Bromley. I think the biggest threat to Khan is likely to be not other candidates but from complacency leading to apathy and failure to vote on the part of many who’d otherwise support him.
If Sadiq is including the Elizabeth Line as one of his achievements, presumably he's also taking responsibility for its horrendous lateness and massive cost overrun.
I know you haven't used the exact term, but as you like to say, 'never risk a surely'.
You know politics is in a sorry state when the "joke" candidate (Binface) sounds saner than the rest of the candidates.
To be fair, the Count has the best manifesto.

The more interesting mayoral elections are happening up in the north east and the Midlands.
It's disappointing that the new First Past the Post system has scared away the YouTubers (that Fosh bloke is the next generation of Binface) but not the anti-woke culture warriors. Laurence Fox even tried to go for another round but filed his forms wrong.
Laurence Fox disqualified himself from Mayoralty campaign through administrative incompetence it seems, and that's not a good look for an candidate (although taking past candidates and mayors into account, clearly not a blocker for the job).

He is on the Assembly member london wide top up list list, so there's a non-zero chance he will feed from the public trough while spouting garbage (god help us).
Susan Hall's manifesto has finally appeared, ten days before the election.

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