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So much for all the security, that you, presumably not looking like a traveller with suitcases, were able to wander around and take so many pics.

Never much understood how taking pics in a publicly accessible place is a threat to security. Tried to have this out with a besuited security type in Paddington Basin once, but naturally to no avail.

Right in the middle of today's top news item. Congratulations!

The carpet...!! you didn't mention the carpet.. or lack of it...

British airports always seem to be carpeted wall to wall with nasty (dirty round the edges) patterned carpet... although come to think of it, Stansted, always my gateway to London, doesn't have carpet in the departures area either... or does it? Still.. you get my drift..

>>somewhere that even fewer of you have visited

Talking about security, they've already decided to 'suspend' the fingerprinting of travellers going through the terminal.

Dare I say they've found that perhaps increasing security is a world of diminishing returns?

A couple of user comments about the hand baggage scanning.

Firstly, there don't seem to be the long belts before the scanners so that various items can be arranged before they need to be fed through the system. In T1, for example, there would be around 4 meters of lead in belt to allow things to be prepped to speed the flow.

Secondly, the trays seem to somehow derail in the machine and one dislodged tray seems to stop the belt. The staff are not so keen on having help to dislodge things either. Security related I'm sure.

rashbre: The staff are probably unkeen to stick their hands into an X-ray field! They can be bad for you, you know.

(Memo to self: using left handed ">" will redult in the rest of a comment being trashed)

l am surprised that you did not mention the glass floors on the intermediate floor levels when using the escalators to the tube/train station.
Maybe they have got too dirty to see through now! Some passengers were wary of standing on them as looked a long drop down.
On the departures airside there is a very long escalator that covers about 3 floors in one section, and descends to the basement where there are shuttle trains to the satellite buildings departure lounge.(If they are working!).

& these are the people who are building the 2012 Olympic stuff?

Or has that been contracted out to the Poles - who are currently considering going back home in vast & economy crippling numbers?

Ah well, Beijing 2008 will go like clockwork, though whether we'll be able to see anything through the smog, or even if the athletes will be able to breathe . . .

London 2012 will still be being built, experiencing ginormous queue-inducing 'teething troubles', & all the rest.

Maybe we should have let Paris take it!

Very interesting reportage. That video about the computer controlled baggage handling was amazing. Seems a guaranteed messup with 150 computers working together!

They had a similar airport fiasco in Denver, with one of the world's largest airports costing billions in overruns.

This one looks very well designed by comparison.

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