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In the days when the Sunday car boot sale was operating from the old Hackney Stadium site in Waterden road the end of the vehicle queue would always be just over the railway line and down the slope by 3am in the morning, I was never joining it in order to rid myself of unwanted items I was always just passing on my way home from a nightclub.
Re the cycle lane kink: Are you aware of the Warrington Cycle Campaign's Facility of the Month?
It sadly stopped being updated in 2019, but the old entries are still there in all their "glory" - google will find them for you.
Google Maps (web version) already shows Marshgate, but does not yet show Clarnico as closed.

There are (undated) street view images for most of Marshgate (as a pedestrian way, not in road layout) and the latest Clarnico images date from 2019.

Others may report from their mapping website of choice, although a quick look at shows it to be quite out of date.
I actually went to the QEOP (by motorbike), at the weekend, to walk the river in the hope of seeing a kingfisher* which meant finding somewhere to park near the Velodrome.
It soon showed how much change had taken place since my last visit. Usually I'd ride in via the Aquatics Centre and take Clarnico Lane, but couldn't even get to it due to the closure of Carpenters Rd which meant my first detour.
On exit, I'd normally take Clarnico Lane again to ride back through Hackney Wick. Yes, 'vague' was about the right word for the signage. I was about to look for an alternative route out until I saw other traffic turning into the lane, to indicate - for then - that it was still open.
(* didn't see them but did have a warbler settle on the reeds just in front of me.)
"Standing back and admiring the results". A footbridge in Kingston was closed three years ago, and its replacement was erected a year later. Surfacing, signs etc all appeared complete before lockdown, but it is still fenced off from use.
Would you be able to recommend a map, on line or in paper form,of the Olympic Park area which is kept up-to-date?

dg writes: Click on the map in the post.
I’ve been watching this all take shape, too.

As you point out, the route North along what is now Marshgate Terrace, from the Stadium area down to the crossing on Waterden Road, is the only way to get between the two halves of the park - and it will be a lot less pleasant to use now that it’s shared with traffic.

It would be wonderful to have a continuous footpath along the West bank of the Lea to offer an alternative connection, but the various channels and bits of existing infrastructure are actually all rather complicated. I assume that a pontoon-style floating path like the ones on the Lee Navigation (under the Bow flyover) and the Limehouse Cut (under the A12) could be made to work, though...
I have to say that if there is a major failing of the olympic it's the highways design.. it's all straight out of the "outof town industrial estate" manual and there are so many parts which are acres of unneeded tarmac, over sized junctions and traffic-first designs even where there is no traffic.
This is all very confusing for those of unable to visit the park. Looking at the Park Map together with Google maps and streetview it is almost impossible to figure out what has been built, what is planned, and what is to be closed. The Park map shows Carpenter Road stopping at the river and fading away into a blob labelled East Bank although it evidently already continues past the Aquatics Centre. Streetview shows a mix of past and present, but obviously not future. It is difficult to identify your Fish Island bridge and which roads it will be connected to.
kev: Carpenters Road does exist, but is closed - the whole area between the river and the railway is a construction site.
I had a wander around earlier, before I read this post. It's more-or-less up to date on OpenStreetMap now, things like OpenCycleMap and Komoot will take a little longer to update.
The two main changes in today's post - a road opened and a road closed - are not yet up-to-date on OpenStreetMap.

(unsurprisingly, after 48 hours)
OSM is up to date, but you may need to refresh your tile cache as the initial changeset was only 3 hours ago. I would have done it yesterday, but didn't have time.
The two main changes in today's post - a road opened and a road closed - are now up-to-date on OpenStreetMap.

(impressively, after 48 hours)
What a lot has already been lost. I took root in the inner city (Salford, then Manchester) 30 years ago when it was a fantastic land that time forgot. It's getting more and more boring as more and more new towers go up. Amazing that unlettable council blocks with stairwells which smelled of p*ss, are now replaced by des-res private towers where folks mortgage themselves silly to live there. But they're 20 years too late to see much interesting.
Took long enough to construct. Nice to see it open though, even if a random, never-to-be-used bus stop managed to slip on to it.

Never knew you had photos of the old link to Stratford International that was never used. I've been trying to find some pics of it for years.
Just south of the bus stop is one of those informal pedestrian crossings which tells those on foot to look right because no driver will ever stop for an informal crossing. A zebra was obviously too much of a hassle.

Then there’s the 30mph signs on Waterdon Road because nothing says welcoming park like speeding drivers. There’s also the 20mph “private road” sign which suggests you won’t get done for speeding.
I'm sure I read somewhere that Clarnico Lane will be reconfigured somewhat (presumably that means a few bollards at each end) and then reopened for pedestrians and cyclists until it is eventually removed for the housing that will replace it, which isn't due for a few more years.

Also the new cycle lane already has an obstruction. A metal post about a quarter of the way into the lane, function currently unclear.
The absolute state of transport planning in the Olympic park drives me insane every time I’m there. Trash pedestrian and cycling infrastructure but massive roads with priority over everything else - in a borough where the majority of people don’t drive.

There is plenty of space to create a layout where walkers and cyclists don’t come into conflict but they don’t care enough to bother.
I take Clarnico Lane most Sundays, coming back to South from Hackney Marshes. Tempted to see if it's still bike-able this weekend..
Aha yes...

"Clarnico Lane will be closed for modifications so that it can remain in use as a pedestrian and cycle route until new homes are built here as part of the Sweetwater Development."

Phew (and thanks).

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