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this is now on reddit, and so far has 23 comments
It was an odd experience getting a DG retweet in my Twitter timeline. Like some secret had been made public.
No politicians were harmed as a result of this debacle.
A story that Streetview captures from start to finish. Between April 2018 and July 2019, the strategy appears to have been to hide empty shops with more bling.
Build it and they won’t come?

Seems Nike has outlets at Wembley and Greenwich (and other shops elsewhere in London) so I guess the Hackney store simply wasn’t needed.
Off the main drag hidden behind Tesco, and quite a walk even from Hackney Central.

dg writes: 500 metres.
Twitter. The world's comment section.
Hackney Walk is another place that I never managed to visit before it closed. I think I can live with that.
Never been to hackney ? Why not come to buy an expensive pair of plimsolls ?
Nice to see your profile raised again DG.

The American Candy comment may be worryingly prescient.
Unexpectedly this has now become my second most popular tweet of all time.

Also the Mayor of Hackney himself has responded, so I've added that to the post.

Meanwhile I've had more comments about the National Trust than about Hackney Walk, so maybe I did get them round the right way in the first place.
Poor council Jesus. He gets the blame for so many things.
It's always felt like it would be a pretty decent bar and restaurant strip. Or at least maybe they could have had a few in the mix amongst the shops to help with footfall a bit.
this is getting on the BBC as well (well if not from here it is rather a coincidence)

Eddie Nestor on BBC Radio London at 1223 today mentioned Morning Lane and has just said that yesterday he read a report that everyone single one was shut.
Listened, thanks!

The 'report' he read appears to be from My London who created a story from my tweet.

"After a person posted a picture on Twitter of the current site with no apparent shops, it attracted a wave of comments."

In their defence they also sent a reporter to Morning Walk to interview local people, so it's not just clickbait robbery.
5 days from 'tweet a photo' to 'BBC London get in touch for a chat'.
October 2023: Long read

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