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Just the sort of thing I'm always trying to work out myself - thank you.
On this day (27/10) in 2012 I recorded a snow shower in Epping. Combined with a snow shower on 15th May in the same year meant the shortest 'snow free' season in my Epping record from 1979-2013.

Impressive what a bit of altitude can do - the same applies to the higher parts of Hampstead - lived there (student)in the late 1960's.

Also lurking in the data for Epping are a couple of <10C days in September, 15/9/1986 and 27/9/1993.
Excellent set of data, for this weather and gardening fan! Thanks.
Love those data extrapolations - I often wonder, when there is a pleasant day in autumn, 'How long till it will be this warm again?' And now I know. Roughly.

The period April 19-30 appears to be the only one to overlap two categories (above 20 degrees and above 25 degrees). Does this mean that it is the period is most likely to contain the biggest abnormality?
Or, come visit us in San Francisco, California. It's 27C in my backyard right now. The high temp is almost always above 10C except a few days in December and January.

You don't want to move here though, the rents are ridiculous.
Hampstead failed to reach 7.0°C today.
That's normally a late November thing.

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