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Hoorah for the Tower Hamlets resident’s discount! I’m pleased to hear that they are still doing that. In my day you needed a Tower of Hamlets library card. I’m ashamed to say I only joined the public library for that purpose.
There's a CIIIR cypher outside Hyde Park Barracks, which I think is the only one I've seen in the flesh.
I saw a mail van with a 23 registration recently, but was disappointed to see a EIIR cipher on the door.
Bravo on your efforts to accomplish your goal.

I do hope you are wrong when you say "wandering round inside a university at my age is a bit creepy" because I'm probably about your age and regularly wander around inside one because I work there!
Where was that well-preserved Edward VIII post box btw?

dg writes: photo has alt text.

There is one in good (structural) condition on Brixton Hill, but it's always rather dirty. When I lived nearby I often thought of planning a guerilla cleaning expedition to brighten it up.
According to polls and surveys the popularity of monarchy is in decline, and should be given how little they do ( as shown in todays post) in return for the privilege they have and the millions they cost us. Many are coming to the conclusion that in a democracy, the head of state should be chosen by the people.
After you’ve read through a year of the Court Circular, it’s very hard to argue the King does ‘little’.
After yesterday’s somewhat TripAdvisor post of St. Paul’s, a much more quixotic adventure today.
for what it' worth, i quite like his cypher graphically speaking.
What must it be like being born to open power stations, bridges and new wings of universities, and never be able to retire. I so wouldn't want to be a monarch but really appreciate that someone is, it seems to make so many people feel happy and noticed and honored to be e visited or noticed by them.
Bernard - just wanted to let you know that there are also many who would prefer the monarch to have more power to restrain the useless and profligate Parliament.
Well done!
I wish all London residents had cheaper admission to the Tower.
It probably wouldn't cost them much to do so even if it was £5 or £10 because how often would a Londoner visit anyway!
Skating over the issue of how Welsh the "Welsh" bridge is; the controversy over re-naming of the M4 structure is an odd one as it is not specified which Prince is being referred to. So, presumably, one can take ones pick of prince across the whole span of history.
Would His Majesty’s Theatre count?

Bernard, President Trump, President Johnson, President Truss?
There have been highly visible CRIII stamps for 14 months.
Since April 23, R Goodacre. 7 months. Design and print of new stamps isn't that quick a quick process.
The 'C' going through the legs whilst also spooning the 'R' has a sensual feel to it.

Sadly the need to install new postboxes is somewhat diminished nowadays, so the
prospects for new ones is limited.
Almost overnight barristers rebranded themselves from QC to KC, but I have yet to see a Post Office van with a CIIIR cipher.

Local to me, in St. Julian's Farm Road SE27 there is a post box without a royal cipher - perhaps a candidate for acknowledging the new monarch?
Difficult to feel much (or any) real sympathy for the royal family, but your list of engagements does suggest the banality of much of Charles’s ribbon-cutting and plaque-unveiling life. Yes, of course he gets paid a fortune, but having to say something encouraging or relevant every time you open a new bottling plant or warehouse and pretend to be interested would make even the most tolerant person tetchy.
Oliver makes a very good point indeed. It's exactly what a head of state should do. But the heriditary principle ensures that our head of state has no democratic mandate to do anything other than what the politicians tell him to do.
I assume that it's only when new housing estates are opened that new post boxes are needed these days. Are old ones ever replaced, or even painted?
Having got inside the Tower, were there also some Beefeaters on duty bearing the new king's cypher?

dg writes: see photo

The era of Charles I was Caroline, and that of Charles II was Carolean: so perhaps we should all now be Carolingians.
There is a millennial housing estate near me with a GVIR pillar box - presumably transplanted from elsewhere.

Cipherless pillarboxes are common north of the border, as some Scottish Nationalists objected to the "II" in "EIIR"
odddly they just mentioned the felix charity as one of the things he announced as part of his birthday celebrations

so maybe not as banal ribbon cutting as it could have been
The names of various charities that had "Prince of Wales" in the title with corresponding princely patronage, are only now starting to be changed

e.g. Prince's Trust -> King's trust
Properly heroic reportage ... the entertainment and then the extra mile, etc. Top marks.
Will tomorrow's post be the Crown Jewels?
I am reading this on my Samsung Galaxy A53 Android phone. None of the photographs have an ALT text box.

dg writes: see link in post
I can't remember if it was the Tower or Hampton Court (or Kensington) but one of them had a plant bed with the Cypher over the summer.
At the risk of becoming the OSM guy, here's a query that finds all the London 'objects' tagged with a royal cipher for Charles III or Edward VIII.

There is a Edward VIII postbox very close to the UEL campus dg visited (though it's disused). But only a single Charles IIIs gate object so-far.

Edward VIII -
Charles III -
Mike - Press your finger on the image for a second or two, the alt text will appear at the top of the menu

Ken - I even blogged about that gate back in April - it's on the front of the Gilbert & George Centre, but completely forgot about it while I was researching this.
Thanks Herned, I tried that, but although a menu popped up, none of the headings produced any text.

Must be my phone.
In May we saw the King Charles C and R as in the last photo on a roundabout in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was nicely done in wrought iron I think. I did take a photo of the sign from a moving car. That was around the time of the coronation and we expected huge parties and celebrations in the large city. Nothing! I don't think the citizens care much for 'the south'.
A new EIIR postbox has just been installed in East Village so yes, there must be a backlog.
Came here to mention the Gilbert & George Centre gates .. but note that I'm too late!
The Prince Charles cinema off Leicester Square has this on the canopy:"No, we're not changing our name"!

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