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I know the feeling, DG. My mother passed away in 1994 and it took about ten years before I stopped thinking about our weekly Sunday telephone calls.

Hang in there, buddy.

Just got back from holiday visit to wife's mother. Sorry to hear of your loss, my heartfelt condolences. I understand your feelings, having lost my mother several years ago and wondering if this is the last year I'll get a fruitcake from my wife's mother. Only bright spot was nephew and wife announcing that they will be parents in July. Life goes on.

Oh, DG, you make me cry! My father died in the Summer of 1998. He and my mother had moved into a new house some months earlier. There were roses in the garden, but he never saw them in bloom. We laid some roses on his coffin at the funeral. I still miss him.

Oh dear! That made me cry 'cos it says just how I felt when my Mum died. I finished up the piece she was knitting, and used the bits out of her knitting bag to make my Dad a blanket. She still sits on my shoulder & tells me off for doing the things she disapproved of though, & I guess she always will, as your Mum will too


I lost my Mum earlier this year and keep finding things she was doing that I have an unbearable urge to complete for her. But like you I am grateful that she does not have to spend more time in pain and more time hiding it from us - it must have just become unbearable for her. Keep going, DG, she must have loved your writing as it inspires so many of us.

Your Mum clearly had a loving son and family. The best gift of all. May you find comfort in knowing how much she loved you.

You haven't lost her. She lives in you every day. And that is as it should be. Keep writing

DG, thank you for sharing your memories of your mom with us readers. I am humbled by your writing.

I am so very sorry and all I can say is that you must have made your mum very, very proud and I hope you can think about your mum not being in pain anymore. Reading these last few posts have made me sit here with tears falling from my eyes, thankful that this year, after many years of not having the courage I asked mum to come and stay in December, and she said yes. Then reading your eloquent writing has put it all in beautiful context, and I shall be on the phone to her tomorrow, and ask her to stay again soon.
Best wishes for the future, and thank you for sharing this with us, take care mate.

Your last sentence says it all; she will always be a part of them.

So very sorry to read this, DG. My sympathies.

Sorry for your loss, DG.

All the best to you, a sad time but as others have written your Mum will always be within you, and you'll always still talk to you when you really need her too.

So sorry to hear your sad news. My condolences.

..and she will alwyas stay a part of you. I have just been to my partner's mum's funeral, and when we left her house today, I thought very similar thoughts about her. My condolences and thoughts to you as well at this time.

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