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Funding wasn't actually agreed until 28th April 2008 (although H&F put out lots of vague press releases before then), and it's lot more complicated than saying the developers paid for it.

The service is due for a major upgrade when the final stretch of track into Clapham Junction is redoubled and a better turnback siding at Willesden Junction installed - LO trains every 15 minutes, with half going to Stratford, plus potentially half-hourly Southern trains.

(The service was lousy yesterday because both Willesden Junction and the mainline south of Clapham Junction that the Southern services user were closed. The southbound service was every 30 minutes)

I have a feeling I looked quite a lot like one of "the sort of blokes who visit stations on their opening day to take lots of photos". Glad you enjoyed them!


The sort of blokes who visit stations etc. were there as John Bull's, he of London Reconnections, henchpersons. Had I known you were there I could have snubbed you personally.

"Half hourly Southern trains". What a lovely thought. For our station, we have only one operator (Southern) and one train per hour in each direction, doubling to two at peak times. You Londoners don't know that you're born.

Well from the name Imperial Wharf I thought it was something to do with the Docklands! Had they called it Chelsea Harbour I'd have immediately been able to roughly place it geographically!

I speak with absolutely no insider knowledge, but don't assume that there won't be any other such developments in the future. Once Langdon Park got approved it opened pretty quickly. If a developer is interested I imagine we could see another new station somewhere, to plug a gap in the network.

But there's nothing on the table. Croxley Link and the Battersea Power Station extensions are the only hope of anything new opening between the ELL/DLR in mid-2010 and Crossrail in 2017-ish.

(leaving only [maybe] Surrey Canal Road and nĂ¼-Pudding Mill Lane and a handful of station expansion projects to keep men with cameras busy)

I was there this evening between half past six and twenty to seven and saw two services leave in each direction, each of which picked up and deposited passengers numbering in double figures. I was the only nerd there; all the rest were proper rail users. A promising start.

"Had they called it Chelsea Harbour I'd have immediately been able to roughly place it geographically!"

Yeah, shame Chelsea Harbour is actually in Fulham, innit?

At least the opening of Imperial Wharf station shows that London's rail network is being expanded, albeit slowly.

I'm not up to date on my Star Trek, but what does this have to do with Imperial Worf.

Never mind.

I'll get my coat...

How come it has Underground roundel symbols while the station isn't on the Underground?

They're orange, not red, orange being the London Overground colour.

"Had they called it Chelsea Harbour I'd have immediately been able to roughly place it geographically!"

Yeah, shame Chelsea Harbour is actually in Fulham, innit?

which is just where Chelsea FC is... that's london geography for you...

SW3 = Chelsea. Both the harbour and the football club have SW10 postcodes = Fulham.

(bored now)

SW10 is West Brompton and Partly Chelsea... so K&C.

SW6 is Fulham, which is why both Stamford Bridge and Chelsea Harbour have SW6 postcodes.

Wyndham Grand Hotel
Chelsea Harbour
London SW10 0XG

not SW6

(utterly bored now)

Sadly, I didn't use the new station on it's opening day. Still, it was a pleasure to use it on the following Thursday. I like having a drink in the Waterside Inn, which is a Youngs pub situated right by the river. Previously, a visit there had required taking the C3 bus from Clapham Junction but conveniently I can now be delivered to Imperial Wharf (and the Waterside Inn) in just a few minutes. The only downside to the all this is that the Waterside Inn, rather bizarrely for a Young's pub, doesn't sell Young's Special. Oh, and those bloody helicopters.

One feature of the trains stopping at Imperial Wharf is that there is a rather unnerving delay before the doors are opened. I was on a Southbound train that stopped at Imperial Wharf last night. There was the usual delay waiting for the doors to open at which point a passenger lost their nerve and, fearing they might not be able to get off at the station, pulled the emergency cord. Of course, the inevitable chaos followed resulting in all the passengers being told to leave the train which was then taken out of service. I was actually on my way to Clapham Junction but of course this provided the perfect excuse to go to the Waterside Inn. Why is there such a long delay before the train doors are opened at Imperial Wharf?

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