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Excellent...I've only seen the raising by chance once and it is indeed a wonderful spectacle.

What about the raising fee? Isn't there something about some boats getting it raised for free, those that were berthed in the Pool of London before it was built or something? But they have to carry a sack of grain.

There's a colony of enormous African stag beetles lving on the outside of the walkway. When they last painted the bridge (about 10 years ago I think), the fumes were causing the critters to fall onto the pavement below. We saw one of the Bridge staff chasing one with a shoebox. That particular example had fallen into the hair of a Dutch tourist. It ended up at London Zoo.

I work near there and I've lost count of the time tourists have asked me for directions for 'London Bridge' when it's turned out they meant 'Tower Bridge'.

(the beetles came from ships moored in the pool of London, by the way. They didn't walk there)

When I worked at the Science Museum back in the 70s, I was fortunate to get a tour of the bridge. What impressed me most were the vast underground chambers sunk into the 2 piers where the counterweights to the bascules swung down. Very eerie places.

I never imagined it to be something you can go into. It just stands in place, an icon but essentially functional.

I've been on the Stavros' sister ship the Prince William on a couple of voyages, and manned the yards as we went underneath Tower Bridge, which I can guarantee is the best view of the bridge raising.

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