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2) yes, I really enjoyed watching that too. sadly I can't say the same for the NT's Twelfth Night later in the month. I gave up after about 10 minutes.
15) I got TWO reduced Easter eggs on Tuesday 14th, at half price. Of course this means they now only contain half the original calories.
18. Radcliffe and Maconie on BBC 6 Music. Absolutely brilliant radio and a regular reminder, should I ever need it, of why the licence fee is such good value.
Almost makes me thankful that I am able to work from home, and that I have more than enough to do. It certainly gives me something to do, hence no curtains cleaned etc.
14 - hell yes. I shall be fine for chick peas until the end of the year, if not longer. My last supermarket visit was on March 21st (also the last day I socialised in person) and the empty shelves brought home that there was indeed something weird going on. Thankfully since then I've been able to get what I need delivered with my veg box (when they stopped taking on new customers eating all that celeriac felt so worthwhile) from the local wholefood co-op. It's costing me a fortune, but at least it's forcing me to buy as ethically as I always knew I should have been.
8 - there's also Cracking the Cryptic on YouTube.

24 - although they'd installed perspex screens at the checkouts a couple of weeks ago, this week they'd installed high walls between tills and around the self service area, luckily the rain all but guaranteed no queue either here or the Post Office.

Noticed this week that the magazine racks now have gaps in them.
4-Hear! Hear!
21-Personally I have moved away from Wagon Wheels and onto Orange Clubs. All part of my image makeover, but hey, you were in the privacy of your own home DG.
20: got up at 6 this morning in order to see 20+ of Mr Musk's toys, but despite a clear sky saw nothing. At 6.37 tomorrow night there are supposed to be 20+ going in two different directions, so I'll be watching out for them (if I haven't forgotten by then).
16. Intriguing DG to say the least.

20. I think it was the next night that they were overhead here. So out to the garden in good time, quite dark out there for the city, looked in exactly the right spot and saw exactly nothing.

25. Finally defrosted the freezer, it's getting to that stage alright, though from Monday things are starting up again slowly.
16. Reminds me that one thing I want to do in lockdown is to dig out the copy of a school magazine with an article I wrote in which I namechecked a teenager destined to become the Secretary of State for Business.
15. When stocking up on fresh meat at M&S, managed to get a huge haul of Easter goodies at a stupidly low price. We've still got some to go.

20. We went outside one night to see them, were meant to see the rocket first and then the satelittes follow a few minutes later. Only saw one white dot. It does feel odd that a billionaire can just through up hundreds of these things to support his business, like a James Bond movie plot.

29. I was genuinely surprised to see my small town still gets a daily Metro. Saw someone a couple of weeks ago grab one from the train station, and assumed he was getting a copy of 'the last one before lockdown', but no.
18. Last Saturday we crept up to 5% of your day. I expect this Sat will be the same.

(6 Music is indeed excellent)
9. I loved your religious cynicism when confronted with an offer of help from a neighbour.
14: A kindred spirit.
18: The realisation that Vicki must have the patience of a saint.
23: Pedantism (prompted by too much time on my hands) kicks in when noticing 'have' and 'its'. 'Has' and 'its', surely.
19. Finally cancelled my season ticket on the 21st. Defaced, cut up, scanned and images sent via the website. Cancellation backdated as unused for over a month so hope to get £2k back eventually. Perhaps I’ll never have to commute again. (Some have already been being furloughed, some working 4 days for 4/5 pay, and others like me have been asked to take 10% pay cuts for three months but still work full hours ... or else ... with the potential for more to come.)
5. It wouldn't surprise me if the Queen wrote her own speeches.
16, specifically c). Oh, so that's what the Mystery Count is.
23. A pedant writes....pedantry, (supra) surely?

dg writes: Always Google before attempting to be pedantic.
15: Still plenty of half-price Easter eggs at the Sainsbury's in Huddersfield, and yesterday Lidl were giving away their excess stock of marzipan-filled eggs and chocolate lambs for free.
2.One Man Two Guvnors was one of my favourite RNT productions with the outstanding James Cordern. Seeing it again was brilliant and a great form of escapism at this time.
3. Always enjoyed Sliding Doors but as a Londoner there are so many glaring gaffes.
14. I bought several tins of vegetables (mainly beans and peas) in the expectation that the supply chain of fresh fruit and veg would soon dry up, or at least become unreliable. I've been astonished actually at how well stocked the shops are, both the supermarkets and the small independent shops, both with home grown, but also imported produce.
9. You're still doing better than my street - even with religious strings attached!! Even the NHS clapping has more or less dwindled away after the initial burst of enthusiasm!

10. What a depressing sight. The barriers in the front just add that final touch.

20. I saw 11 of the satellites going over in the space of 10 minutes. Venus has been absolutely splendid this month.

24. I've looked each week for peanut butter. Nothing - except a few jars of premium priced brands.

25. I've been meaning to wash the windows since before the lockdown. Not got that desperate yet, though spotting 2 large wood pigeon splatters on one yesterday has made me feel justified!

26. Hate the smell of barbeques almost as much as I hate the smell of cigarette smoke wafting over the fence!

27. I'm loving it, but isn't it just typical!!
2. It's great - and a colleague was one of the two punters pulled up on stage

16a. Very intriguing

21. You made me laugh, thank you.
18 Radcliffe and Marconi are an absolute tonic, aren't they
19 I'm puzzled why would you buy a new oyster. Surely contactless does the job, and (in very occasional circumstances) can be cheaper than oyster for PAYG capping
19. I strongly recommend against use of the word “surely”.
19. Rather than just how internal systems are calibrated, it's the only way cancelling a Travelcard can be made to work remotely on a system that's well over 20 years old. The gate can't be set to pluck the ticket from the card when it spots it while leaving the card working. Rather a pity if you happen to have one of the commemorative editions but unavoidable.

I imagine IslandDweller's outlook on Oyster v contactless may be from the viewpoint of someone who makes fewer National Rail journeys out of London, so won't need the benefit of a Travelcard combined with a Boundary Zone ticket and the Goldcard discount.
19 An oystercard can be sent by post

22 Online pharmacies can now do everything and the items get delivered in the post

24 I ordered a large tub of peanut butter online and it arrived in two days! I've also been able to get supermarket delivery slots now. Don't think there is anything I need to go to a physical shop for now.
13. Also missing Only Connect (and VC-M's rather splendid embonpoint !!!). Thursday night virtual pub quiz is only just cutting it in comparison.
18 : much as I love Geoff, I agree with Stuart above that Vicki is very tolerant and patient ... although I'm not a train nerd I also enjoy their Saturday night quiz, a highlight of my week
9 : early on one of neighbours set up a WhatsApp group for our London street, which I joined ... I've never had the opportunity to get to know anyone down the street but this has provided a lively and helpful forum mercifully free of rants and political or religious bias
20. I too have missed any of the Starlink trains, despite following the Findstarlink website's schedule. The best I managed was one evening when I saw three scattered ones. It makes me all the more jealous of my dad who by chance saw them the first evening and, not having heard about them beforehand, must have made it seem a rather strange phenomenon.
stuart - If you believe that that's what our real-life relationship is like, away from camera, then yes.
13. Plenty of reduced Easter.Eggs in our supermarket plus a massively reduced massive turkey. So the days following were just like Christmas. Except it wasn't at all.....
20. I must have been very lucky - I counted 52 satellites going over. Glad I knew what they were: I kept recalling Richard Burton's narrative in Jeff Wayne's 'The Eve of the War': "a beautiful, but somehow disturbing sight".
27. As an update, here are sunshine totals for the last week of April...


...a return to typically overcast weather.

Rainfall has also returned...


...which means the last three days have lifted London to half its normal rainfall for the month.
13. Only Connect records in late March and April (or at least it did in 2015).
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18. Stereo Underground is the one radio show that I download without fail every week, and listen to more than once more often than not.
This despite Richard Latto's somewhat Smashie 'n' Nicey presentational style, although it feels entirely suited to output from BBC Radio Solent!

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