please empty your brain below

Hi DG.

It's on the ground floor in the space they usually do the pay-to-view exhibitions in. Walk past the lifts and turn left.
Life is too short not to ask questions.
Don't ask, don't get.
Last para - I know this may seem rather obvious, but did you not think of *asking* someone where these things were?
It seems dg does not do asking. Funny I'm the same.
When I left the Museum, I'd just spent an hour inside an installation called Estuary. I had no idea of the scale of the remainder of the exhibition. It could have been a few photos on a wall. It turns out to be an entire room I've never seen before.
DG, I should warn you, there are several looped films in there so it could take you a while if you watch them all the way through. I'd take a flask with you...
With a visitor here from abroad, I was hoping to take her here, yesterday (as it's a favourite museum of mine, too), but the nearest we got was a return trip across the Thames on the cablecar.
Sorry, dangleway ;-)
D.G - do the poor bored soul behind the counter a favour and interact and ask!

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