please empty your brain below

You are getting lighter as your blog is ... found a way to pile those posts back on?

Calories consumed on your birthday ( or at Birthday celebration dinner) dont count!!

Sounds like a fun evening out! Fully support the comment above - birthday events can be ignored from calorie counting.

Meanwhile - in pedant mode - I don't think LBTH has abandoned the headscarf arch plan. I thought they'd temporarily withdrawn the plan for further "consultation". Which I cynically interpret as meaning they'll bring the plan back again when they think no one is looking.

It's been two years already? Blimey. Time flies. Well done on keeping the weight off, that's some achievement.

sounds like a grand night out... glad to hear you enjoyed yourself... and now i know where i will "hint" to go for my next treat night... :)...

Blooming cheek moving you in favour of a larger group!! I would have been less than impressed at that!
Glad you had a good meal out, and well done on keeping the weight off.

I don't care what Elton said less is definitely more

Of course it's still got the bones in. It wouldn't be crunchy if it didn't have the bones in.

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