please empty your brain below

Stories taken from first half of newspaper (up to the staples), plus business and sports news.
Is this strictly true?

What about "Cameron on the rack over Leveson" (Westminster), “Boris: Cut Stamp Duty to Help First Time Buyers” (Southwark), “West End Retail on the up thanks to Olympics” (Westminster), “Brooks and Coulson sent to crown court for trial” (Westminster), and “Sally Bercow back on Twitter” (Westminster). OK, delete the last one. Please...

After all, if you’re including the celebrity stories as being about London because they happened here, then surely the political ones should be as well?

After all, one of the things I love about London is that it is where everything happens: politics, law, money, 8 million individual lives - and even celebrity frippery...
How ironic that the bus strike was only mentioned in the context of Southwark when services were largely wiped out in Hackney, Haringay, Islington and parts of Enfield. Was someone not able to get their usual bus across London Bridge or something?
Good to see that the comms team I work with is doing its job properly...
My heart went out to the poor 25 year old who was going to have to walk for 25 minutes in the cold because her bus wasn't running..... puts the world's problems into perspective...
Quite right, Paul
And hey, spare a thought for those of us in Bromley and Bexley: it's hell having to travel to Lewisham or Woolwich any time we want to see any news :(
Bear in mind the paper is generally no longer available beyond Zone 2 - let alone places like Brighton and Southend as used to be the case - so why would they want to cover such outlying broughs?
While the Evening Standard does not have much news on Outer London, its website (and probably the print copy) seems to find room for a lot of US news.

Nothing wrong with a bit of US news, but a London paper should mainly focus on London
Evening Standard reads like a local London version of Daily Mail with the same prejudices and agenda. Now that the mayoral election is out of the way and that ghastly 'Red Ken' Livingstone has been banished can they now do their job and hold the current Mayor of London to account? Boris gets away with stuff which Ken would (quite rightly) have been pilloried for in Evening Standard - e.g. cronyism, wasting money, etc.
Glad to see Hackney maintaining its 'edgy'vibe!
The paper mightn't be available outside zone 2 but plenty of commuters from zone 1 pick it up on their way out to the burbs.
(Many) years ago I had an evening paper round, delivering the Evening Standard to houses in Braintree, Essex -miles from London. A stencil printing press was used to print the latest racing results and stop press headlines on a blank strip on the bottom of the back page. Now it's a free sheet I can't even get a copy in Twickenham. Not that I like it that much, but it's a bit like an old friend and I tend to overlook its prejudices and shortcomings.
if I don't pick one up mid afternoon in Central London, I usually find several discarded at the local (zone 4) station or on the train if I go anywhere in the evening. but the nearest official distribution point for me is Stratford (zone 2). like Rob, I've read the Standard for most of my working life, got my last job through one of its adverts, so it's a basic part of my weekday
Amber - Stratford is in Zone 3 not Zone 2

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