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I'm going to some of the test events next Saturday - so it'll be interesting to see how much of the park will be accessible. It seems that we will have to walk through the park - and it is a fair way to Eton Manor from Stratford. When I was last there, some weeks ago, we had to be bused to the venues and it still looked very much like a building site.

BP. Fuelling the Future

One cannot really believe that BP was so stupid to come up with such a slogan - particularly in light of a certain recent oilspill.

For some strange reason on bill posters the horizontal bar forming part of the e gets painted over and the "ll" replaced by a "k".

Alternatively, the arts in this country could go to pot without the sponsorship of the likes of BP, so I'll take that pile of change.

As it happens, Samsung had a similar "pavillion" in Athens, and every evening they had bands there from across the world - made a nice atmosphere to stop and listen to some music on your way to/from venues or if you were hanging around in the park post-event.

As for the Coca Cola Pin Trading Centre - again, they've done this in previous games and it is very well attended - so much so, that they often have to control crowd capacity in them.

It is easy to sneer at these things, but why not just enjoy them for it?

That is the one of the most appallingly designed maps for a major event I have *ever* seen. I hope that's not the map every spectator is going to be given? God knows where Victoria Gate is or how to get there, and is there anything stopping me from wandering through the Olympic Village? And across all the grey space generally? And as for the Orbit - could it be less obvious, despite being *the* landmark on the site?

On a brighter note, I am already planning our picnic lunches and empty drink bottles.

That map...!
It looks like it's been designed by someone who's seen the Legible London maps once, but then decided the guidelines weren't really worth following, and done their own thing.
I'm not quite sure if Victoria Gate is on the Greenway, or down on the level of the canal, next to Lock Keeper's Cottages. Will have to go and have a look before it's all closed off.

The correct spelling is Coca-Cola.

Are the attractions open during the Paralympics?

When we went to the diving test event, without any advance warning they confiscated son's half full 500ml water bottle - to his great indignation ('Mummy they stole my water bottle!'). But ignored mine and husband's. So zero marks for logical consistency then...

At all the test events, the bottle capacity limit is supposed to be 750ml.

That's apart from the hockey test event next weekend, where they're testing the 100ml limit.

"The walks start from various points across the UK..."
Could be a very long walk!

Don't mock the pin traders, they take things very seriously and some of the pins change hands on ebay for a huge amount (I've seen them got for north of a hundred quid...)

I don't doubt that pin-trading is very popular, globally if not amongst the British public.

But I do doubt that many of the keen pin-traders will have tickets to the Olympic Park.

@Diamond Geezer: Again, based on Athens 2004 (where I worked), don't be surprised that the pin-traders have probably picked up cheap seats (think Handball Cat D/Es) and will camp out in the park all day.

They'll find a flat surface and set up their pins - and then trade the day away.

Can't see any anti-aircraft missiles marked: are they on top of your block of flats, dg?

Where's the handball arena? I'm not a fan but I've got tickets!

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