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Now past midday Sunday and no comments!
A nice report, I have been to this campus before to visit the museum but I have still to go there for an Open day.
The weather when I went there was cold and wet, it must have looked lovely in yesterdays warm sunshine.
Thanks for the write up, on a visit that will soon not be possible.
Yes, thank you for providing a picture that we would all have missed out on otherwise.
Glad you liked it, DG. Those in the know say that this organisation has bought it - they have certainly been on no less than 23 individual visits!
It's truly gutting to have to leave.
I sent a link to my mum. She emailed me back this: "I have so many memories of the war days when it was a prisoner of war camp for German Officers. My friends house was on the route they walked these men for exercise, some were friendly but most were very hostile. I did briefly know the history but had forgotten all these details. A fantastic piece - I found it very interesting."

So, thanks DG
Fabulous report... thanks for opportunity to see all that!
Wow, what a loss. I was a Fine Art student at Middlesex's Wood Green campus then taught a bit at Trent Park and ended up managing the uni's web team. We had our office on the first floor of the mansion - we were told it was the room that Edward and Mrs Simpson shared together...

I loved working there with the staff common room being the grand downstairs room with marble fireplaces and chandeliers, also lunch times walking to the cafe by the entrance where you arrived and the Japanese water garden by the lake. Despite subsequent stints at Central Saint Martins on Southampton Row and now at the new King's Cross site (a place you should explore if you haven't been recently), Trent Park was really the most beautiful place to work. And you didn't mention the daffodils!
I have fond memories of Trent Park. In the late 60's early 70's my family would go there once a year to attend a reunion of the London Branch of Devonport high School (a school in Plymouth that my father had attended) there was always lots of food and my abiding memory was of a small swimming and paddling pool just to the right of the house. We would then play a seemingly never ending game of foootball on the big grassy area that sloped off towards the lake. I don't know now what the connection to Trent park was but I'm going to have to pop along to see that pool one last time before it is enclosed as a spa facility
Folks - the park is open all day, every day, and you can wander round the outsides of the buildings undisturbed as the University grounds are open access. You can see the mansion, pool, stables etc - you don't have to wait for the open days (although the tours are very good indeed).
Thanks for this - I had no idea this was going on, but made it there on Sunday and really enjoyed it.
Sad news (pause for bout of misplaced nostalgia) - did my BSc Hons 2:1 here, 1982-6 when it was a 'real' college, a polytechnic, when men were men, the obelisk was something for Dr Who fans and the perennial battle was to 'make the lake useable'. Four years of learning on the sward, swigging beer with the tutors in the SU bar, and feeding the squirrels all year round. Never went back but now readying a small tear of farewell for the place which is still covered by some secrecy over what went on in and under the 'mansion' during the War. It was fun, back in the good old days of grants and playing with the first computer networks. Takes care of at least one weekend looming!
Just went here for the Open House weekend, on the back of DG's post and it was fantastic! Amazing that it was free to get in and an extensive free tour too from a well rehearsed young guide who knew his stuff. Slightly reduced dramatic interaction this time - we saw actors playing T E Lawrence, Wallis Simpson and another lady I can't remember. I am most envious of the students who've lived and studied there, particularly given the outdoor swimming pool.
They have a special event on 22nd July featuring the eavesdropping done on the German prisoners of war which I plan to attend.

Thanks DG for alerting me to this fantastic place about 20 mins on the bus from home!

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