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This is CLIP = Central Line Improvement Project. The work is being carried out at Acton Works which is near Acton Town station , District Line.
A new workshop was built and staff recruited for this task and is a change from previous upgrades to London Underground rolling stock which was done by private contractors in different parts of England and even Scotland.
Grey diamonds and red roundels, the grey and red reminds me of the original A60 stock moquette.
There are some very decent images of the interiors on the District Dave forum. The colour palette works really well - the interiors finally hang together as unmistakably Central Line, somewhat reminiscent of the former 1962 models they replaced.
The District Dave forum is linked in the first paragraph, for those who want to take a closer look.
Clever Tfl to get people to travel on a little used line.
A far nicer moquette than the dominance of blue on most of the deep level tube stock!
What a lovely, bold moquette. The light blue of the current Victoria line moquette looked old and faded from the start. This screens new and clean. I was surprised that the exterior of the train looked so tatty.
Just once in the summer I saw a seat-back on the London Landmarks moquette that had the design of 4 red stick figures with arms raised touching each other the first and last with a circle connecting them, thus grouped

Below the first circle (between figures 1 & 2) it said Self and above the circle between figures 3 & 4 it said Other.

Never seen it since and haven't found its meaning online. That it was a special Covid seating design is my best guess!
CC - You are talking about this.

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