please empty your brain below

I think the Bob Dylan painted my photo has to be one of the most bizarre!

Many thanks for all your eloquence and diligence thorughout the year.
All great stuff. The link for the North Downs Way day 5 doesn't work for me. Can't find it on a custom search either. Think I must've missed it at the time. Mysterious. Perhaps "Express tubes" it is then.

Thanks for all the other hours of entertainment.
Day 5 doesn't work for me either - unless DG hasn't done it yet!

What an amazing year, full of interest! I think my motto for 2018 will have to be "Just do it", because I keep making a note of everything I'd like to do, but never get round to actually doing it!
Chris is right - ‘Dylan painted my photo’ was quite something. I also enjoyed T4 - T5, random OS squares and Ghent of course. I do wonder what your word count was for 2017! A very fun year of reading, thanks.
Great descriptions, great photos.
Thank you for another wonderful year of blogging.
I would like to thank you for reaching parts of south London that other bloggers do not reach (let alone the residents).
Thank you for another year of blogging, and all the best for next year.

Last summer I drew some inspiration from your reports and visited Syon House, met possibly the same donkey near Eltham Palace, and walked from Marlow to Cliveden.

(In contrast, my own variation to the Cliveden walk, an attempted shortcut to Taplow station, wasn't such a good idea. The maze in the gardens was nothing compared to finding my way through the woods and out of the estate, and the narrow road to Taplow proved unsuitable for pedestrians.)
Another year of reading your blog daily. Always interesting and wholly original. All the best for 2018 DG.
A great year , DG, thanks for keeping it up.
How did the job thingy go .. are you working again yet ?
As others have said a great year and a new year to look forward to.

This also means we are only 32 days away from "The Count" and could 2018 finally be the year where the mystery count is revealed.
You influenced me: I went to Richmond Park to goof at the pretty flowers in Isabella Plantation, plus Matlock and Cold War museum.
I had beaten you to Dudley and canal tunnel cruise, Dawlish as a result of being based in Plymouth RN and Hassocks/Brighton went to school there.
Awaiting eagerly further inspiration....
All the best for 2018!

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