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On first impressions do you think this will be a calm road or should we expect excessive speeding though this area of the park?

I wonder how much of this stretch will become de facto parking, considering how often vehicles are allowed to park on the double yellow lines and on the pavement along Westfield Avenue particularly on the stretch between the rear of John Lewis and Busaba. There seems to be little in the way of enforcement.

Are the roads within the Olympic park governed by normal rules of the highway or deemed private like those inside supermarket car parks? The zebra crossing you pictured doesn’t appear to include zig zags.

(I note there’s also a welcome zebra devoid of Belishas, located close to the Copper Box, which follows the desire line of the pavement in a style akin to some mainland European side roads, rather than making pedestrians divert several meters along the road like so many in this country.)
I tried to visit UAL at the weekend a few weeks ago to look at the gorgeous staircase but was immediately told to leave by the security guard who jumped up from his desk. He said it is only open on weekdays, unless you’re a student there. I thought that the ground floor was open to anyone at any time but he said not.
So many memories from the’rundown automotive industries’ era. However much Carpenters Road has improved since 2007, my lasting impression will always be the mountain of fridges and freezers that were dumped in a scrapyard. The rumour was that there were more than 15000 of them which were sold to China for recycling.
Well, they really have missed an opportunity here.
glumble, the roads became Public Highway late 2014ish after a long delay.
So do I just need some white paint and belisha beacons to make a 'legal' zebra crossing, is it OK if it's just intended for cyclists.

This looks like it would be OK for a supermarket car park but not for a public highway.
It's Sadler's Wells. although I think it really should be Carpenters' Road.
Crestfall - I went to the exhibition on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago with my young boys (so no confusing them for students). Front desk staff didn't bat an eyelid and there were staff making amendments to the exhibition who we talked to, who didn't say anything about students only.
Pleased the BBC is opening some new space in London, bucking their present trend which seems to be to move everything to Salford Manchester.
I had a very affordable ACME art studio in a former late 19th century industrial building which was originally a perfume factory. It was demolished around 2007 and occupied the exact same footprint as the new V&A does now. Looking forward to trying to locate my former cubic metres of studio space in the new galleries. The above mentioned fridge mountain was next door and I can confirm that Carpenter’s Road was the bleakest and scariest of roads when finishing a late shift around midnight and having to lock the place up.
John on Flickr says...

"The belisha beacons here are set up wrongly. As a pedestrian approaches the kerb, the beacon should indicate the direction from where oncoming traffic is coming from - it's set for continental driving!

The presence of the centre island (with a beacon) changes the rules - an approaching vehicle may continue if a pedestrian ia using the other side of the crossing. The lack of a centre beacon, confuses the issue and probably makes the crossing invalid."
The temporary belisha beacons are for pedestrians to cross back to the pavement on the side with buildings. The cycle lane between the temporary and permanent zebra is currently a shared space as the pavement on the other side is officially impassible.
Any notion that the crossing is invalid is Bolx. Just so wrong in so many ways. Ask a Highway Engineer.
Having read your article I drove down Carpenters to the plots on Saturday as it halves the drive for me. Would you believe it....closed! For baseball!!

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