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Gooner goes to Hotspur Way !
All areas (and pubs!) that I know well and frequently pass through. Nicely described.

I cannot however imagine what exists (existed?) in Bullsmore Lane that could possibly warrant a blog entry of its own. That will intrigue me all day..
Very much my neck of the woods, too - and like Frank I am mystified by whatever it is in Bullsmoor Lane that has so captured DG's interest...
I remember years ago on Capital radio, during a traffic report, Chris Tarrant was in convulsions that there was a place called Freezy Water. Seems an obvious name really, but strange there are not several similar place names in UK.
An absolute belter of a post. You have excelled yourself.

I can't believe the Toby Carvery!
Whitewebbs Museum of Transport is one of the places that I have visited because of a DG posting.
I live 200 miles from London and will never visit any of these places but find your descriptions wonderful.
I remember when the Innova Business Park went up in flames
In my area!!!!! The park you found is called Painters Lane Neighbourhood Park and the cash and carry is Turkish owned. They also have another branch in Edmonton.

dg writes: Updated, thanks
Top marks for being an Arsenal fan and not tearing half the Spurs' gaff down.

Interesting week for you in the footy, eh? What with your team going up to your old hometown club. Best of luck to them.
"Blairite names like Kinetic Crescent, Velocity Way and Power Drive" made me chuckle.

EonLeader- I had the same thoughts about tomorrow's fixture. DG's thoughts were covered in this old post.
I went to Bullsmoor school when it was newly built, in fact I was having double maths in the classroom at the front when education secretary Keith Joseph got dogs abuse from protesters when he arrived to perform the official opening. I too cannot think what would be of such interest as to warrant a separate article!
Great post.
There is a point on Bullsmoor Lane, just to the east of the junction with the A10, from which the ground appears to rise in all directions. Yet it is not a lake. This has always seemed to me very strange.
Ah, Crews Hill - I remember catching the W10 there when I was a student just for the sake of it (a regular weekend activity was catching buses to the extremities of London - must be why I enjoy reading dg so much, you do exactly the sort of random things I enjoy doing). Didn't quite realise how infrequent it was/is though - I have absolutely no recollection of how I killed the time between buses. Certainly not buying plants!
Actually that Toby Carvery is not too bad - all ground floor rooms are crammed with tables but some of these rooms still show evidence of past grandeur! A meal at Toby is pretty cheap compared to most pub menus nowadays and it was packed out on my visit.
I'm sure I passed through (or near to) most of these during the appropriate stretches of London Loop recently!

I'm also sure I've seen that chapel on the way to Crews Hill!

not an area I know at all, but I do remember seeing signs for Freezywater and chuckling, and that Toby Carvery looks very familiar - not that I knew what it was at the time!
My husband went to Botany Bay Primary School in the 1970's - a small 3 class school that closed not long after.
As we now live in Australia, I enjoy reading DG for this exact type of post - a random sampling of London that brings back great memories.
Thanks DG.
Hi Jacqui, my sisters kids went to Botany Bay school from the mid 1970's, Atkins was their surname. Her eldest left before closure but her younger two were there until the end which I'm pretty sure came in 1982.
Lovely! nb *Myddelton – looks like you and your spellcheckers were quicker last time despite the enduring URL
Painters Lane Neighbourhood Park does have a name sign, which is carved into a rock outside those artistic metal gates and just about visible through the carving holes in your photo.

dg writes: Updated, thanks.

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