please empty your brain below

Pearly Gates and Cherubs in your Croydon report blog, and now parts from the Book of Revelation.
Is DG getting a call from above!?.

She calls him Barry, darling.

Been reading FJL again?

You will also note that the Obama family are in the market for a dog.

Get down to Bet Fred and put your money on it being a HELL HOUND.

I know these things. I've read Good Omens.

Given how my racist ol' grandma used to go on about how Bush was the devil, I wonder what she'd think now if she were still alive?

There are always elements of truth in any joke.

Anyway, I though O'Bama was Irish?

Only on his mother's side. About a dozen generations or something.

I've read Good Omens too. Things can be turned around. I hope so - the US is my bloody neighbour! Eek.

Have i got this correct ?
what you are saying is ,

Ken Livingstone is the new president of America.

Very tempted to submit this to Free Republic. Unfortunately most of them actually believe this stuff already.

Bit near the knuckle Diamond me old chum........give the bloke a break...

I have too many relatives who would believe this if they read it.

Maybe that's why he did a second time - and without a Bible

Are you a Gerald Wiley type secret script writer for Dr Who?

I bet this is what they're thinking in Alabama right now.

I'm just wondering whether we're happy because Obama is now president, or because Bush is no longer president...

Looking at Michelle's body language, I think she's fallen in love with her husband all over again, now that he's the most alpha-est alpha male in the whole world.
Forget the economy, Iraq, Al-Q etc; his greatest challenge will be keeping other women at bay.

This is seriously lame writing. I was hoping for something better after your excellent crime maps posting.

a hellhound would be nice, scaryduck, but a hellparrot would be waayyy cooler--& take up less room.

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