please empty your brain below

Where does the Isle of Portland fit in this list? Pop 12,797
If we consider, as you do, Ireland to be one of the geographically British isles, then Great Island, Cork should be somewhere around 12th in your list
Isle of Portland is just a name. It's actually full of monsters.
You have me intrigued as to where you lived for the 0.7 of your life now!!

I got stopped at Great Britain, as I've never been to Ireland, but then sadly the only other one on that list I've been to the Isle of Wight! 2/10 Fail
My first unvisited in your list is Holy Island Anglesey.
I was very surprised to discover a few years ago that 'British Isles' could be controversial. As a child I had learnt that it was a politically neutral term relating just to physical geography. But in hindsight it's obvious why Irish people may not see it that way.
Re Portland, I think it belongs in the same category as Ely, Axholm and Dogs.
There is, of course, a blurry area between what is an island and what is not. Mainland Shetland is joined to other islands by man-made causeways, Portland to the Dorset mainland by a naturally-occuring shingle bank. Portsea and Anglesey are joined by bridges, Sheppey and Canvey I'm not sure but certainly joined by something. Lewis/Harris is joined to Scalpay by a bridge. So are these true islands? A died-in-the wool islander like myself would case doubt on all that have any solid link to the British mainland. Others, like Purbeck and the Black Isle are and never have been "islands" though they like to masquerade as such.
Well, by that standard Great Britain itself would not be an island as it is joined to mainland Europe by a tunnel.
Precisely, mikeH....!!!
I'm concerned about DG visiting Canvey Island unwillingly. (Also, having re-read the linked post, I'm a little surprised to find I've been visiting here for at least twelve years. Where does the time go?)
I was really surprised that St Mary's (Scilly Isles) only has 1,666 (last Census) residents! Considering it has multiple plane and boat crossings. The whole collection of islands only has 2,153.
I have visions of men in balaclavas with baseball bats transporting a bound and trussed DG in the boot of their motor to a lock up or scrapyard in Canvey for a word with the Guvnor. It may of course have been less innocuous.
Might I remember the unwillingly to Canvey?

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