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My daughter did her work experience at Bow Arts (they had some link with her school). I can't go past without recalling her glee at some of the - rather explicit - artwork being produced in the studios. It was all very exciting for a 16 year old (she's in her 20's now).
I think the Myra Hindley is the Marcus Harvey work that caused such outrage in the 90s because the "splotches" are children's handprints.
Down tomorrow for the Central Saint Martin Shows...a pair of proud parents. Can recommend the CMS Post Graduate Art show later this month. In particular work by MA Art and Science students that will engage both sides of your brain in unexpected ways.
I'm always impressed by what the Fine Arts students turn out for their degree shows where I work. And we are definitely not St. Martins, so I'd imagine that's a very good show indeed!
Thank you for an inspiring write-up. I'm going to make an effort to visit at least one of these exhibitions. In the past I have been to the Nunnery Gallery in Bow, on your recommendation, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Since you are going all arty, remember that the Walthamstow art trail is on, not least because it's an opportunity to nose around peoples houses and some buildings not normally open to the public.
I was in London this weekend and managed to get into a free talk by the architect behind this year's Serpentine Pavilion. Interesting to hear directly from him the logic and inspiration behind this year's structure.

It's a lot more mainstream but I'm looking forward to making a return trip to London in the Autumn for the East London Group exhibition at Bow Arts. I can imagine several readers of this blog will also be making a visit.
Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed today's post, particularly browsing the linked UAL Showcase degree show website.

I hadn't realised that awarding institutions now require students to put work online. Much has changed in the 5 years since we were visiting degree shows regularly!
We're so lucky to have so much art on our doorstep in London!
going around various art colleges and seeing their degree shows is one of my favourite things to do in London (I usually think Slade has the best stuff but I am mainly into 'fine art' and not so much the design and other fields)
..and it’s also Open House for local artists this weekend across Hammersmith, Chiswick and Acton!
Hey DG, I was pleased to see you've visited CSM's degree show. I've worked for the college for many years now, part of my job is being responsible for the QR codes and getting the students' online profiles published, so was very glad to see you finding them useful. I've worked with Tim Huckle and his fellow students Rafi and Lucas for the past few months as they won the annual competition to design the college's degree show identity.

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