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The bus that runs through Park
Langley is a hail and ride because no-one wanted bus stops on “their” roads. The bus, however, is well used on this section, so just stops across the large drives.
DG, if you’d turned this way at the Chinese roundabout, you could have popped in for a cuppa! 😉
Vaguely wondering what might make a house "affable". Am sure you didn't mean "affordable", not around there.
In the 1990s I worked nearby, in offices on top of the Eden Park Store, and can confirm that there is a nearby park, the Harvington Playing Fields, complete with notices requesting dog walkers to steer clear of the football pitches. There is a public footpath winding its way through the school grounds, but as you found out the old Wellcome Trust site is still mostly behind brick walls.
This is a rare, probably unique, opportunity for me to say that I have been somewhere that DG hasn't. Growing up in West Wickham I had a few friends living in Park Langley; while today those houses would be nothing special, for someone living in a typical 1930's terrace they seemed the height of luxury. I also remember visiting at least one family fun day at the old Wellcome Trust site.
They didn't invent 'Area of special residential character' - it's a planning designation a bit below Conservation Area, but I agree that having twee signs is a bit OTT.
The Wellcome Trust wasn't taken over by Glaxo. The trust still exists. It sold its shares in Wellcome plc to Glaxo, and I presume the Langley Court land was owned by Wellcome plc rather than the trust.

dg writes: fixed, thanks.
When I was a boy it was a place you went through and learnt what sort of houses rich people lived in.

In those days, most incongruously there was a field that always seemed to be full of sheep. I later learnt it was part of Wellcome laboratory and the sheep weren't being bred for their wool or meat.
I live in Park Langley! (well, with my parents). It's a funny kind of place, there are no shops although they planned to build some in the centre, then 1939 happened and they were never built.
I really like the little snippets of local experience in the comments. They add extra richness to the articles and, given how far and wide DG ranges, there must be an opportunity for lots of readers to chip in.
I live very nearby, and whilst their is some open space nearby to walk the dog they can get very muddy so in the winter I’m happy to walk round the pavements of Park Langley as they are quiet and the varied houses provide a bit of interest..
The boxer David Haye used to live in Elwill Way. I wondered why he didn’t buy a house in the next road - Hayes Way !

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