please empty your brain below

I stick close to my Mum, because in this environment she's the only coherent identity I possess.

Love that line as it gives the little boy lost impression and if mum's here I can always go back to holding her hand or hiding behind her skirt, as all these ladies scare me.

As a boy and later as a teenager I got roped in to all sorts of WI activities including holidays by the sea. My mum's branch even did a pantomime and golly good it was too. I starred in it. In fact at the curtain call I got more applause than either Dick or Alice.

Regrettably I had to share my new found fame with the front legs who was played by the local headmaster.

Just out of interest, whereabouts in Norfolk are you (sorry if there's a reference I missed)? I ask as a vaguely interested ex-Norfolker.



I am so pleased that all the practice I have arranged for you over the years has finally paid dividends

But - is sherry and a stuffed olive considered one of four courses?

Brilliant. Though I do believe Jonny would apply the sexual innuendo a tad more liberally.

Tomorrow: I visit the Fakenham Gas Museum, providing photographs and a fascinating history of the site.

Two can play at that game...

Andy, I believe the coreect description of a resident of Norfolk is a "Norfolk dumpling" (according to my Dad, the dumpling)

@JonnyB - *smirks* I look forward to that

dg, you are an ungrateful wretch. Here are these nice ladies giving you food and what did you give in return? Mockery. Ha.

Would you have been so snooty if you'd been to Borneo or Timbuctu? I think not. I rest my case. Least you could have done was wash up.

It's all grist to the writer's mill. And you were lucky not to be paired up with someone's single forty-something daughter.

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