please empty your brain below

Class stuff. Sadly you've hit the nail right on the head.

Still at least we can resist by doing things like walking!
At last I seem to be part of a recognisable demographic.
How lovely to have been a long term member of "London Below" and to be not worthy of all that "foo foo" nonsense.
Classic! Curate a Martini, source a pop-up blueberry pancake indeed! Chortle
@ PC

I second that. Although if fall too far down it raises issues that not fit for such satire.
Considering that you are 50, and may have been watching 'Britain's Hardest Workers' which includes people in their 50's who are no longer in well paid jobs, struggling to survive.

So you may have started to feel the chill of financial finality, how do you continue to pay the bills, what living costs does your pension cover, perhaps you feel that having worked for so many years - that there isn't much to show for it.

No doubt the 'London economy' will be only too pleased if your flat were occupied by new blood, someone with fresh perspectives, not held back by 'the past'.
I'm doing my very best to help you out but frankly i'm skint. Any other bright ideas?
I'll let the tourists do all the spending thank you very much! That's what they're here for!
I can't believe this post only has nine comments so far. Excellent piece DG! I needed to come out of perpetual lurk mode to say that.

I can't afford to do any of that stuff, not that it interests me either. If the economy is relying on me incurring that kind of expense then it is in real trouble indeed...
Me again (9:25pm) - I must say that London Below sounds really attractive to me as I love cheap markets, car boot sales and such like!
@ Me again - me too (I can't believe this post only has nine comments so far). This is excellent stuff indeed.

Perhaps dg readers have a higher propensity to martini curating than I'd imagined.

I do worry about what is happening to London. It'll surely become a horrible place in very little time if current trends continue.

I first came to London as an undergraduate in the mid 90's. I'd imagine the intake at my college is very different twenty something years on.

Where will all the young, but not so well paid, creatives go?
Another excellent piece on this subject!
Funny. Clever writing. Sadly true in two ways. Cities do rely on the spenders yet most of the spend is on overpriced stuff that does not give real value. I'm mostly in Lower - parks especially- but I do love a gin. Hope that counts.

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