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How lovely. Puts me in mind of a walk done the other side of the A23 earlier this year. This one even had a golf course to add to your collection of courses walked across.
2pm and home.

More of a flying visit to the seaside.
Your contention that the male miniature train volunteers may have been there to "escape from their wives" feels like the stuff of 1970s sitcoms. Thinking like that, I'd imagine you departed for home early to ensure you got back in time for Bank Holiday Disney Time - at 5pm on the BBC, every bank holiday in my '70s memory.
I wondered what you meant by up next years post, I thought you meant the Seven Sisters because I believe you do that walk every two years, but that is in the wrong direction. I then looked on Google maps and worked out what you were talking about.
Frank - Disney time was never broadcast at 5pm on an August Bank Holiday. During the 1970s it had an average start time of 6pm and was once shown as late as ten past seven.
That's brought back some memories. A few years ago a group of friends and I did a similar walk - but in reverse and overnight by full moon. We started at Hassocks late in the evening, walked by moonlight across the downs to Rottingdean, and on to Brighton for an early 'greasy spoon' breakfast.
Up next year's post - the SABRE crowd will appreciate that.

A very early start and finish, considering it's still light until nearly 8pm
In my household you'd be lucky to arrive for a day's exploration much before 2pm - not finish it!!
The reference above to 'escape from the wives': some things never change and that may be one of them...
I’m concerned about why Hindu and Sikh soldiers were being cremated after being injured.
Sometimes the skeleton of the West Pier is covered in starlings.
If I'd written today's post more carefully I could have had five fewer comments.
But would you have wanted five fewer comments?
What a fast walker you must be! Are there some helpful buses to assist the less fit?
Sounds an enjoyable stroll. The wounded Indian soldiers were convalescent in Brighton Pavilion, I was there yesterday.

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